12 Best Pistols & Revolvers in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most anticipated games out for this fall, and personally I’m more excited for the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 than Fallout 76. While Fallout 76 has gotten a lot of hype, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a Western-themed game that seems to have a lot more potential. The developers themselves have said they are trying to make the game feel like a movie, so i’m sure it will be amazing to look at.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was released back in October Rockstar Games, the developer behind the original game, took a different approach to the sequel, opting for an open world, rather than a linear world, with optional, rather than mandatory, missions. For those of you who have yet to play this game, the game’s plot is based around the story of former outlaw John Marston and how he sets out to hunt a gang of outlaws led by the charismatic Dutch van der Linde.

Speaking of the Wild West, it’s hard not to mention the Colt Single Action Army Revolver. It was the most popular and iconic weapon of the time and inspired the Cattleman Revolver, the working weapon in the Red Dead Redemption games. When I was younger and playing the first Red Dead Redemption game as old John Marston, I preferred to forgo the latest 1911 firearms in favor of the ubiquitous Cattleman. But we’re not here to talk about guns as symbols or icons, we’re here to discuss them as a piece of metal you can use to put holes in people, and we’re here to determine which guns do that best. Therefore, we will now look at the best RDR2 pistols and revolvers, both in online and single-player modes. It also serves as a guide to the sniper duels in The Noblest of Men and as a women’s mission in which Arthur must try (mostly in vain) to question old gunmen about Jim Boy Calloway, the legendary sniper and subject of Theodore Levin’s biography. Let’s get started.

12 best weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2

While this list ranges from 12th to 1st in terms of overall performance, make no mistake: they are all real, and none of them should be taken lightly. 12 /12

Revolver Granger

Granger revolver word-image-1889 Location: on a hog farm near Flatneck Station, as part of the Order of the Stranger to the Noblest Man and Woman. Granger’s revolver is not the best revolver RDR2 , but it is a good option to start with. But you have to be ready to clean up the mess. No, I mean literally. Emmett Granger, despicable old bag that he is, only agrees to an interview about Jim Boy Calloway when Arthur scoops shit for him and takes him to the stake. Then again, he brags about the various shootings and scalpages he committed years ago, and barely says a word about Calloway. An increasingly annoyed Arthur takes matters into his own hands (and some sticks of dynamite), and a duel with a long history ensues. Granger would rather throw the knife than grab the gun. He turns to the side and forms a smaller target. Fortunately, you can even fill your meter for a third and shoot him before he pulls his knife and gets into position. After you destroy the old demon, you can pick up his engraved Cattleman revolver for a small upgrade to the standard version and some nice souvenirs. 11 /12

Revolver Flaco

Arthur Morgan vs Flaco Hernandez in agunfight word-image-1890 Location: Camped on the shore of Cairn Lake, east-southeast of Coulter, Ambarino, as part of the mission of the stranger The noblest of men and a woman. You have to fight Flaco Hernandez to get his Cattleman revolver. As you approach his camp, you will encounter his men and have the choice of disarming them or threatening them – the former will result in attempted murder and a fight, while the latter will force them to retreat. Anyway, forget Flacco’s interview with Jim Boy Calloway, because that’s what it is on High Noon. During the shooting, Flacco will try to jump to the player’s right as he grabs his gun. In fact, you only need to fill the meter with a quarter to catch up and shoot Flaco, after which you can pick up his weapon. It is a slightly improved version of the Cattleman revolver, superior to the Emmett Granger revolver. This makes it the best revolver in RDR2 for the beginning of the game. 10 /12

Revolver Schofield

Location: A doctor in Valentine, stealing his side business. Release rank: 9 | Price (historical): 42 | Price (online): $192 While the Schofield revolver is not an absolute improvement over the Kettleman revolver, which has a higher rate of fire, its superior accuracy wins out in this list. It can be obtained after completing the mission Blessed are the meek. It can also be obtained by Leviticus Cornwell’s men at the Union Central railroad depot, or by Valentine’s doctor during a raid on his side business. 9 /12

Calloway Revolver

Calloway engraved revolver Canis Canem Edit word-image-1891 Location: Brandywine Drop, on a mission of the noblest men and women. Calloway must duel and kill to recover his engraved Schofield revolver. A duel with Jim Boy Calloway is a complicated affair. The smooth sudist ball is quick to use, so you don’t waste time cleaning your skin and applying it. Give yourself enough time to align the weapon with your center of gravity and shoot the poor bugger, and not a second more. He doesn’t use tricks. This duel is about speed and marksmanship. After you’ve appeased the drunken old gunman, you can retrieve his specially engraved Schofield revolver. It says Canis Canem Edit (dog eats dog), a fitting motto for a dead criminal. If you want a Schofield that has a head and will be a trophy to show off your shooting skills, keep that in mind. 8 /12

Double Action Revolver

Rowan uses his double-action revolver to fight some bandits word-image-1892 Location: Lonnie’s cabin, in a weapons chest, hidden under one of the bunk beds during the raid on the mansion with Sean McGuire | Unlock grade: 17 | Price (historical): $ $ 65 | Price (online): $127 Now we’re really moving into a different class of weapons. Semi-automatic weapons are quite rare at the beginning of the game. Even in the late game, these options are limited to pistols and a single semi-automatic shotgun. That’s what makes the double-action revolver so appealing at first. There is no better weapon to dramatically increase the lead in a bad guy’s torso in a short period of time. 7 /12

Semi-automatic pistol

A semi-automatic pistol word-image-1893 Location: Armored trader in Valentin and Saint-Denis | Opening rank: 22 | Price (historical): 210 | Price (online): $537 One might think that a semi-automatic pistol is a direct improvement over a double-action revolver. Although its appearance… acquired taste, its capacity of eight bullets and incredibly high rate of fire and reload make it one of the best RDR2 pistols for those who want to hit a target in record time. However, it is weak in terms of performance, making it somewhat anemic and uncomfortable compared to the other non-revolver pistols on this list. 6 /12


Location: Armsman: Unlockable rank: any prize (online): $275 The Navy Revolver, only available online, is a high-precision, high-performance revolver. It’s not as accurate as the LeMat, nor does it have much power and hail, but every bullet in its six-shot chamber is a great bullet, and using these two guns together is a great way to get the best of both worlds. This is one of the best revolvers in RDR2, to try in the middle of the game. 5 /12

Vulcanizing gun

Pages from catalogue with Schofield revolver and Vulcan pistol word-image-1894 Location: Union Central Railway Camp occupied by Leviticus Cornwell’s men Press Release: 21 | Price (historical): 75 | Price (online): $270 The volcano gun is a weapon that lives up to its name. His power is considerable, and with eight bullets at his disposal, few can withstand a salvo from his smoking muzzle. Unfortunately, their rate of fire is relatively low, so they don’t rank higher on this list of the best weapons in RDR2. However, there is no better option if you want to make a fist-sized hole in someone’s skull. You could do worse, of course. 4 /12


Pistols Ellis demonstrates the deadly effectiveness of his paired weapon, a LeMat and aNavy revolver. word-image-1895 Location: Armourer Opening rank: Each prize: Price (historical): 172 | Price (online): $317 Here we come to the important question. What is the best RDR2 revolver in ? The LeMat revolver, although somewhat limited in its rate of fire, is not only the best revolver in RDR2, but also one of the funniest weapons in the game. With nine powerful shots in the chamber and an unexpected second barrel loaded with buckshot, you’ll rarely run out of options with one (or two) of these rifles in your hand. 3 /12


Rowan executes a madman with his Mauser word-image-1896 Location: Angelo Brontë’s mansion during the Revenge mission is the best dish to eat. | Unlocking the ranking list: 34 | Price (historical): $250 | Price (online): $600 This is easily one of the best weapons in RDR2 Online, if not one of the best weapons in the game. The Mauser has the largest ammunition of any rifle, an excellent rate of fire, and a few of these rifles can take out an entire group of enemies at short to medium range without having to reload. It’s relatively weak compared to the revolvers in the game, but it’s hard to argue with the cold efficiency of this German killing machine. Given the unique nature of the single player weapons discussed later in this list, the Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Mauser is the best weapon. 2 /12

Midnight Pistol

Billy Midnight Pistol, Mauser mounted word-image-1897 Location: The body of Billy Midnight, found on a moving train from Rhodes, as part of The Noblest of Men and Women. Billy Midnight’s weapon is a Mauser, which can only be obtained in the single-player game during an Outlander quest called The Noblest of Men and Women. To get your hands on his weapon, you have to duel with Midnight (although this isn’t really necessary – the Red Dead Wiki has some alternatives – it’s still fun), and this duel takes place on a moving train departing from Rhodes. If you duel with Midnight, make sure he kneels just before the shot and is a smaller target. Torso shots are recommended, as one of them can take the shooter down with some error. When the guns are drawn, the shots fired, and the dust has settled, walk over to Midnight’s body and grab his gun, and Bob becomes your uncle. If not for the next option on our list, this would be far from Red Dead Redemption 2’s best weapon. 1 /12


Configured M1899 word-image-1898 Location: The weapon maker in Saint Denis, as well as one of the options you can get from the duelist in Rhodes (note that this weapon is only available in solo). Price: $350 That’s the gold standard. For my money, the M1899 is the best of the best RDR2 pistols. Since it’s only available in single player mode, it also became my Arthur’s signature weapon in the late game. Billy Midnight, Emmett Granger, Flaco Hernandez and Jim Boy Calloway all died on the wrong side of the M1899. That’s all well and good, but what sets the M1899 apart from its competitors? Let’s compare it to that other big competitor, the Mauser. At first glance, it would appear that the Mauser, which has similar power, range and rate of fire to its counterpart but gains in ammunition volume, wins out. However, the M1899 reloads faster, which somewhat offsets the capacity issue (the second gun also helps with this problem), and it’s also more accurate than the Mauser, which means each bullet is worth a little more. The good M1899 pistol, compact and versatile, will be your best friend if you ignore it as a sign of the relentless modernity destined to eventually wipe out the Wild West.   word-image-808


Pistols Arthur, seated on his trusty horse Saladin, armed with a pair of M1899pistols. word-image-1899 Now you know which revolvers and pistols are most worth using in the game Red Dead Redemption 2. Plus, you know how to be the deadliest duelist by wearing them. Before you leave, here are some tips: First, you should get into the habit of buying gun oil and cleaning your gun regularly or going to a gunsmith for a thorough cleaning every now and then. Also, use high quality ammunition when you can buy or make it. The extra stopping power of ammo like Express and High Velocity allows you to strike with more confidence, as they are much more likely to be lethal. That’s it for our guide to the best RDR2 pistols! If you found this guide useful/interesting, check out High Ground Gaming for similar content. Linked reading

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