[14 Solutions]- iPhone Keeps Restarting Itself After iOS 15/14/13 Update

I was going to keep this article a simple review of the iOS 16 update, as I’ve had an iPhone 7 for 3 weeks now. But then I remembered: One of the things that made me buy an iPhone 7 in the first place was that it was iOS 15 compatible. So, I uninstalled iOS 16, went back to iOS 15, and to my surprise, the phone was still working fine.

For several days now I’ve been experiencing this odd issue. I am unable to use my iPhone, as it keeps restarting itself. I’ve tried everything to fix this issue: rebooting it, waiting for the hard reset, and even deleting the battery. Nothing seems to work. I may lose all of my data, but I don’t care. I just want my phone to work again.

If you have an iPhone or iPad that is experiencing frequent restarts, then you may need to have it checked by Apple. While this could be a software problem, it could be as simple as a damaged cable or the battery needing to be replaced.

Is your iPhone 12 often rebooting for no apparent reason?

Are you tired of your iPhone rebooting after updating to iOS 15/14/13?

This is a common problem among iPhone owners, who are baffled as to why their device keeps restarting at random intervals.

Many users have reported this issue, and they are unsure how to resolve it.

If the situation involves you, I would advise you to remain calm and relaxed.

Today, I’ll explain why my iPhone keeps restarting and how to solve iPhone continues restarting after iOS 15/14/13/13.1 upgrade in this article.

So, let’s continue reading to see what the greatest solutions are for iPhone restarting after an update.

Let’s have a look at what one of the users has to say about the issue.

Experiential learning

After updating to iOS 12 and till 12.1.3, the iPhone X keeps restarting itself at random.

My new iPhone X keeps restarting on its own at random moments while I’m using it; this started when I updated the software to iOS 12, and as far as I know, there’s no fix for it. Could someone please inform me if there is a workaround?

Thank you

https://discussions.apple.com/thread/250136489 Source: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/250136489

This is now a major problem, and users want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Because users are unsure of what causes such issues, I’ve listed a few typical causes of iPhone restarting or crashing below.

a quick look at the contents

Why is my iPhone constantly rebooting and refusing to switch on?

If your iPhone keeps resuming in a loop, you probably want to know why. So, I’ve listed a few causes for iPhone restarts that occur at random intervals.

Among the most common explanations are:

Update failed or faulty update– If the process of updating your iPhone to a new version is interrupted for any reason, it might cause problems on your device. Even if the update goes wrong by accident or if a poor update occurs, the problem will undoubtedly occur.

Unstable driver– If a driver on your device becomes unstable for any reason, it can cause your phone to reboot multiple times.

Malicious virus attack– Such conditions can arise as a result of severe malware attacks. Especially if your phone has been jailbroken and apps from other sources have been installed. This procedure can expose your iPhone to a variety of risks and cause it to reboot automatically.

You should also be aware that if your iPhone continues restarting itself, it falls into one of two categories.

  • iPhone that restarts intermittently– In this case, your phone can be used for a short period of time without issue, but then it automatically restarts.
  • iPhone locked in restart loop– In this case, your device keeps restarting or rebooting without allowing you to access it. The Apple logo shows on the screen and then vanishes repeatedly.

These are the scenarios that users may face if their gadget does not behave as expected.

But now it’s time to get down to business and quit yelling “My iPhone keeps restarting/rebooting itself!”

However, there is one more thing you must do before implementing any methods to resolve the problem.

What should I do if my iPhone keeps restarting?

Users become perplexed as to what to do when the problem persists on their phones, which is an important component.

Always make sure to back up all of your data from your phone to a secure location. It’s preferable to be safe than sorry if your data is lost when going through any of the solutions.

Contacts, photos, videos, text messages, papers, notes, audio files, and other material should all be backed up in a secure location.

But as your iPhone is not in normal condition, so to backup all your data safely, you can use professional software like iOS Data Backup & Restore. This is a third-party tool that entirely backups every data from your phone and later on restores them whenever required.

Finally, after backing up all of your important data from your iPhone, it’s time to go over the techniques for automatically resolving the problem of “iPhone keeps restarting.”

How can I stop my iPhone from restarting?

So, here are a few simple but effective techniques for resolving the iPhone keeps restarting fault you may be experiencing on your iPhone after updating to iOS 13/13.1/14/15.

So, let’s get started…

Solution 1: Perform a hard reset on your iPhone.

Restarting your phone is one of the simplest and oldest methods for resolving any device fault.

To reboot your device, simply press and hold the Home Button and the ON/OFF button for 10 seconds.

  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button while pressing and holding the Volume down on the iPhone 7/7 Plus.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button, and then the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo displays on your iPhone XR/XS/8/8 Plus.

hard reboot your iPhone11

I hope this simple technique solves your problem, but if it doesn’t, move on to the next step and try each one to fix the problem.

Solution 2: Make sure your iOS is up to date.

The iPhone runs on the iOS operating system, which is updated frequently to address bugs and other concerns.

However, if your phone’s software hasn’t been updated in a long time, it may experience issues such as restarting.

So it’s better to check once whether any update is available for your iPhone OS or not. Simply go to Settings > General > Software Update. Any update if available, you can see it and install it immediately.

update your iOS

Solution 3: Take your SIM card out of your phone.

When there’s a problem with your iPhone’s cellular carrier connection, it can get trapped in a restarting loop. In most cases, your iPhone is connected to a wireless carrier, and deleting it will help you address the problem.

There’s no need to be concerned because removing your SIM card will have no negative consequences. When you replace it, the phone will automatically reconnect to the carrier.

You can also learn how to remove the SIM card from your iPhone, which can help you figure out where the SIM card is on your device.

Remove the SIM card and put it back in your phone if the problem is solved.

However, if the problem persists after inserting the SIM card, you should try the following alternatives to resolve the issue.

Solution 4: Uninstall any programs that aren’t working properly.

Everyone thinks the App Store is full with nice, dependable apps, but there are a few that are harmful to your iPhone’s health.

If any of the apps you’ve loaded aren’t beneficial for your phone, it can completely destroy it.

Regardless of how popular an app is, if the problem is caused by it, it is best to delete it right away.

Simply follow these steps:

After deleting the app > Reboot iPhone > Sync with iTunes and after that, check whether the issue is fixed or not.

remove faulty apps

Solution 5: When not in use, turn off all features.

Many people switch on location functions, but keep in mind that this puts a lot of strain on the device.

Whenever you need to use GPS tracking then smartly use it to track location. You just need to open Settings > General > Background App Refresh and switch it off

NOTE: Do not allow any programs to run in the background. After you’ve finished using the app, dismiss it promptly. To open the app switcher, simply double-click the Home button, then swipe up to close it.

Solution 6: Make sure your apps are up to date.

If your iPhone keeps rebooting, it’s possible that the apps you’re using aren’t up to date.

As a result, you should double-check whether the program is up to date using the methods listed below:

  • To begin, go to the App Store.
  • Then, on your iPhone, go to the Updates area.
  • Click Update All to update all of your installed apps. You can also choose to update specific apps one at a time.

update apps to latest version

Solution 7: Use iTunes to restore your iPhone.

Another option for resolving the problem with your phone is to restore it completely using iTunes.

Getting Your iPhone Back Wipes and reloads the iPhone’s software, as well as fixing any software faults.

Actually, when an iPhone is restored, all the potential for producing a software issue is erased, as Apple users have suggested.

restore iPhone using iTunes

The iPhone must be connected to the computer in order to be restored. It is advised that you restore using DFU mode, which does a deeper restore and quickly resolves a variety of issues.

Solution #8: Remove any programs that are no longer in use.

There may be a number of apps on your phone that are rarely or never utilized.

As a result, you should delete those apps from your iPhone as they are no longer useful.

This not only frees up space on your phone, but it also makes your device perform more smoothly.

unused app

There are now ways to automatically unload unneeded apps on the device with iOS 11 or later. This function allows you to uninstall programs without destroying any data.

Solution 9: Inspect the iPhone’s battery.

check the battery of iPhone

It’s also possible that the issue you’re having is caused by a faulty battery. If the battery isn’t installed correctly, a variety of problems can arise.

Connect your phone to a power source using the original cable to check the battery. To make sure it’s working properly, try using a different cord or charger.

If the problem persists, your phone’s battery is likely destroyed, and it’s necessary to replace it right away. See [Solved] iPhone 6 Battery Draining Fast All Of A Sudden for additional information.

Solution 10: Clean the device’s lightning port.

If your iPhone restarts when charging or plugging in headphones, the issue can be resolved by cleaning the lightning port on the device.

This is due to the fact that when utilizing the lightning port, several clouds of dust or lint collect, resulting in a poor connection and the possibility of charging issues.

So it’s best to clean the port once and see if the problem has been resolved. You can clean it using a bobby pin, toothpick, little needle, and other items.

Restore iPhone in DFU Mode (solution 11)

As you may have read above, DFU mode is the best technique to restore an iPhone, and now is the time to use it.

In most cases, restoring your phone restores everything to its previous settings and resolves various software issues.

Even the issue that iPhone is experiencing will be resolved. Restoring to DFU mode can be beneficial in a variety of ways. To do so, follow the instructions below:

  • First, make sure you have the most recent version of iTunes installed.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer now.
  • For a few seconds, press the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously. Then, while holding the Home button, release the Sleep/Wake button until iTunes finds iPhone in recovery mode.

restore iPhone in DFU mode

However, different iPhone models have different methods for entering DFU mode.

  • At last, go to Summary > Restore iPhone

Solution 12: Look into a hardware issue.

The most prevalent causes of iPhone restarting are hardware issues.

Several hardware flaws can exacerbate the problem. If you’re wearing a phone case, take it off before continuing to troubleshoot the issue.

Check to see if any dust or debris has become lodged in your phone’s charging port. Also, double-check that everything on your device is in working order, as minor errors are sometimes overlooked.

Solution 13: Reset All of Your Preferences

If you still have problems after trying all of the above-mentioned methods, you should consider resetting all of your iPhone’s settings.

Yes, this method will assist you in quickly resolving the restarting issue.

  • First, go to Settings > General > Reset
  • You’ll be prompted to enter a passcode here.
  • Then, to return to the factory defaults, click Reset All Settings.

reset all settings

Solution 14: Do you still have the same issue? If your iPhone is stuck in a restart loop, try this method.

If you still find yourself in the same position with the same error on your phone after trying all of the aforementioned methods, it’s time to turn to a dependable tool to solve the problem.

If your iPhone keeps restarting or rebooting, you should apply an iOS System Repair application.

When your iPhone or iPad has problems or errors, the only way to fix them is to use this advanced software.

This program does not cause any data loss; rather, it corrects any of the iPhone’s issues, such as black screens, white screens, iCloud music library not working, reboot loops, Apple logo stuck, and so on.

The best thing is that the software works with all iOS versions, including iOS 15/14/13, and can be used on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch models such as iPhone 12/11/X/XS.

So, without further ado, download the iOS System Repair program for free and cure your iPhone’s odd restarts.

iOS System Repair Software is available for free download.

Download mac(* The free version merely scans and displays recoverable data.)

How to Fix an iPhone That Keeps Restarting


Finally, I’d want to state that the methods I’ve provided in this blog will undoubtedly assist you in resolving the iPhone rebooting itself issue.

It’s already a difficult time to deal with all of these unknown difficulties. You now have a variety of options for dealing with it.

Additionally, you should use iOS System Repair to resolve the iPhone constantly restarting itself issue without losing any data.

Don’t forget to leave comments in the space below if you have any recommendations.

You can also contact us through our social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.


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I have an iPhone 6S and I was shocked to find out that after updating my iPhone to iOS 14, my iPhone wouldn’t turn on. I was able to hard reset it and it was working again! But I decided to try to update again and I ended up with a broken iPhone! I did a restore and itunes didn’t recognize my iPhone. The only way I could get my iPhone to work again was to hard reset it again and restore it again.. Read more about iphone 11 restarts every 3 minutes and let us know what you think.

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Apple has released a software update for iOS 14 which may be causing your iPhone to restart. This is not a bug, but rather an intended feature of the new operating system.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Why does my iPhone keep restarting by itself?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
This is a common problem with iPhones. The cause of this issue is usually due to an app that has been updated without your knowledge, or you have installed a new app and it has caused the iPhone to restart.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:””,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:””}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my iPhone keep restarting after iOS 14 update?

Apple has released a software update for iOS 14 which may be causing your iPhone to restart. This is not a bug, but rather an intended feature of the new operating system.

Why does my iPhone keep restarting by itself?

This is a common problem with iPhones. The cause of this issue is usually due to an app that has been updated without your knowledge, or you have installed a new app and it has caused the iPhone to restart.

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