5 Most Significant Inventions of the 20th Century

Humanity made many discoveries in the 20th century. The fact is that it was during this period that our world changed a lot. Many familiar things began to look like archaisms from the past. But what were the most important discoveries? Here are five things without which modern life would not make sense.

The Airplane

The modern world cannot be imagined without planes and air travel. The fact is that now you can fly anywhere in the world in less than a day or two. But hundreds of years ago, life was less intense, and long journeys took months. Fortunately, the Wright brothers changed the world in 1903. Their prototype aircraft could take off and land on the ground and look like a viable vehicle. However, people of the past have always been skeptical about innovation. After the first flight across the Atlantic Ocean was made, humanity realized the full value of aircraft and air travel.

The Television

It is no secret that television is one of the greatest blessings of humanity, which provides information and entertainment content. But did you know that the prototype of the TV appeared in 1926?

Thanks to John Logie Baird, everyone on earth can now watch their favorite shows and series at any time. The fact is that this inventor was one of the first to realize the general concept of television and the display of graphic information on the screen.

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The Computer

For many centuries, humanity has dreamed of creating a device for quickly performing computational operations. The first computers were far from modern ones and resembled calculating machines. But it wasn’t until 1936 that humanity was able to invent the Z1, the computer that was good at math and algorithms. Such a mechanical device still looked like a pile of metal with hundreds of electrical circuits and transistors.

However, it was in 1936 that the basic principles of data computation were laid. As you know, the modern world is hard to imagine without computers and electronics. Thanks to the developments of the past, modern people have many advantages.


You probably have a Facebook account or website. Modern people are so accustomed to the Internet that they cannot imagine their life without posting selfies, watching videos, or chatting with friends. The basic principles of the world wide web were developed back in 1969.

However, the father of the modern Internet and the HTTP protocol is Tim Berners-Lee. He made web technologies widely available. So in 1991, everyone was able to connect to the network and visit websites. The Internet became the impetus for the rapid progress of humankind because now any information can be obtained in a few clicks.

Nuclear Power

You probably know that nuclear energy is one of the greatest inventions of humanity. Unfortunately, initially, its potential was intended only for destructive purposes. But nuclear bombs are just one aspect that should not be taken into account. In the 1950s, scientists were able to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes.

The fact is that such power plants are much more profitable than any thermal power station. Despite some accidents and safety problems, modern nuclear plants provide the majority of humanity with relatively cheap electricity.

Other Revolutionary Inventions

It would be unfair to keep silent about other great inventions like cars. At the beginning of the 20th century, vehicles were the precursors of global change. The fact is that railways are no longer the only way to cover long distances quickly. Thanks to Henry Ford, everyone can buy a car and get around any motorway without any problems. However, there is another invention that has made people’s lives better.

Surely you know that antibiotics work well against viruses and bacteria. But a hundred years ago, bacterial death was normal. It wasn’t until 1928 that penicillin was invented. It is worth noting that the Second World War became an excellent testing ground for antibiotics. The fact is that this medicine has changed the history of medicine and the whole world.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many discoveries without which the usual life of every person seems incomplete. Many important things were perceived as something curious and ridiculous, but now everyone uses the technical achievements of the past. Humankind may achieve such technological growth that modern supercomputers will look like a child’s toy in a hundred years. The world does not stand still, and tomorrow people may invent something grandiose.

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