5 Types Of Bonuses Every Casino Player Should Know

There are often casino bonuses for players who wager a certain amount, so this article will focus on those bonuses and how people can use these links to take advantage of the bonus offers.


The profitability or lack thereof in the casino site will dictate which casinos offer what types of bonus offers. On many online casinos like, including 888 casino Philippines, it is possible to win cash in a jackpot without depositing anything at all.

What are casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses are rewards given by casinos to try and entice players to play at their site. A bonus may be a matching bet of an amount of real money, free chips or spins on a game, free entry into a tournament with prizes, or other benefits.


Are casino bonuses a good thing?

In the long run, yes. Casino bonuses make making a real money gambling session easier and turning it into real money profit. With a bonus, the player can make higher bets with lower risk than otherwise. In addition, the bonuses effectively make sure that the player doesn’t go broke if they happen to have a run of bad luck.


Casino bonuses & online gambling

Most casino bonuses come from online casinos. Online casinos are often very generous with their bonuses since competition is high for players. It is possible to play without making a deposit and win real money when using an online casino bonus, but the player will lose money in the long run.

If a player doesn’t deposit real money, then the casino doesn’t pay out any winnings. So the player will be playing with free credits that the casino has given them, but it’s not real money until it’s deposited. And since the casino doesn’t pay out any wins, the player will be losing real money. So the player is playing at a disadvantage.


What are the standard bonuses?

Right now, there are several bonus types that players can expect to see in most online casinos.

1. Welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is a type of sign-up bonus common in the gambling industry. It is typically given as an initial deposit or a portion of the first bet by a casino to entice new players. Welcome bonuses often increase over time and are offered to attract new customers.

A welcome bonus sometimes coincides with signing up for a player card, which offers additional rewards in addition to the initial deposit or first bet, such as discounts and entry into gaming tournaments.

In some instances, the bonus is given to existing players to encourage them to return. There are two general types of welcome bonuses:

a) Matching

Where the casino gives a certain amount of money to the player, which is usually capped, in this case, the matching bonus often coincides with the deposit that the player makes. This type of welcome bonus is given only by online casinos that are regulated in the country they operate in.

b) No-matching

Where the casino does not match with the depositor with any other upcoming deposits. This is mostly the case with online casinos that are not operating in the specific country they are serving the customers from.

2. Deposit bonuses

A deposit bonus is a type of bonus that is given to players when they make their initial deposit into an online casino. It is an incentive for players to try a new casino and can help ensure they are loyal to the site but do not affect the actual outcome of games played.

Although they are given mainly by new online casinos, which attract players with a large amount of bonus money early on, many established and well-rated online casinos often have some deposit bonus as well to entice return business.

3. No deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses, also known as free play bonuses or free bets, are a form of compensation with no strings attached, often given away by online casinos to attract players. This can be done by either crediting the player’s account with virtual chips or giving them a specified amount of money to gamble with.

The value of the bonus varies significantly from one casino to another. In addition, players must meet certain requirements in order to claim this type of bonus, such as registering and making a deposit first.

The best way to get a full idea of these bonuses is to sign up with the casino and see what they offer. For a player who likes to play various games, no deposit bonuses are an excellent choice. Many have very loose wagering requirements and are available to all players who sign up.

A typical no deposit bonus will award the player 10–25 free spins or $10 to $25 for use in the casino’s other games. The free spins are often given out on a selected game or with a specific set of rules when the bonus is claimed.

Some casinos offer additional bonuses to players who meet certain criteria. Usually, these bonuses are provided for a short period, such as one week. These bonuses can come in all forms, such as free spins in a particular game or free credits for playing slots with the same provider.

Some casinos offer players special promotions and bonuses that give them an edge over the competition through lower house edges and wagering requirements.

4. Free spins bonus

Free spins are a bonus given out to players after they have claimed a no deposit bonus. The value of the free spins varies greatly. Usually, the more free spins given, the better value they are for the player.

Some online casinos offer an automatic bonus deposit into the player’s account without any wagering requirements. Therefore, getting free spins is all that is required to claim it rather than other methods requiring additional steps.

5. Cashback bonus

Players are given money back for losses they endure while playing in the casino. Usually, these bonuses round up a player’s losses to a predetermined value and assume it as a winning bet. Real cash is transferred into their account, or it can be in the form of free spins, casino credits, and other bonuses.

The amount you can get from this type of bonus depends on the payout percentages of the game you are playing in and your wagering requirements. Cashback bonuses are usually offered by casinos that provide games with a high payout percentage, especially in the case of slots. This is to encourage players to use them.



Different casinos offer different types of bonuses. It is up to you what bonus you choose to take advantage of. The player should always be aware of the wagering requirements and read the fine print to fulfill them. Some casinos even require a minimum deposit before the bonuses can be cashed out, and others don’t pay out winnings until a certain amount has been earned.

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