9 Tips On Branding Your Business By Using A Letterhead Template

Letterheads always need a special mention. It is one part of your business that needs to stand out from all the rest. A letterhead template plays a major role in expressing your company’s identity, its uniqueness, and its purpose. You can’t just create a letterhead template without putting some consideration into it. Some people even go so far as to hire graphic designers for this very purpose. If you are really keen on taking your business to the top, take a look at these tips to come up with an awesome letterhead template.

Letterheads are important because it is really the very first contact between you and your clients. It usually goes out with invoices, bills for services rendered, or anything that has to be sent by mail. If you want people to take the time to read what is on the letterhead, then they should not have any issues. This means that it must meet certain requirements to do what needs to be done.

Make Your Business Letterhead Template Simple

A common mistake that people make is creating complicated designs for their letterheads which may intrigue some, but what use is it if everybody cannot decipher or understand the design? Remember, not everyone has the same knowledge of graphic designing, so keep things simple for them. Let your letterhead template be understandable to all. The simpler your letterhead template, the more attention it will get from your clientele because all they have to go on is the message inside and not decipher what’s outside.

Avoid Clutter On Your Company Letterhead Template

Clutter in designs is a big no-no. You cannot overload your letterhead template with too many colours, diagrams, or messages. Otherwise, you will lose the focus of its purpose. If you can’t keep things simple, at least avoid clutter and give it a clean look to make up for the lack of simplicity.

Keep Your Letterhead Template One-sided

If you want your letterhead template to stand out from the rest, then keep these on one side only, which makes it look professional and different from all those multi-page templates that most people use nowadays. It’s really smart to have a limited number of leaves because by using more leaves not only do you increase costs but also makes transport difficult as it increases the weight and volume of what has to be moved.

Going Green By Using Eco-friendly Free Letterhead Template

Running a business may not always mean that you have to go for the flashy colours and designs to get noticed; in fact, there’s nothing wrong with going green, too, by using eco-friendly letterhead templates. It is better than creating an environmental hazard, and besides, nature has enough colour and beauty of its own, so there is really no need to add any man-made colours or effects on your letterheads.

Use Your Logo Prominently On Your Professional Letterhead Template

Your clients need to know who you are and what your business represents; that’s why they need to see your company logo or name somewhere on the page of the letterheads themselves. That way, they know where they’re heading when they have a business meeting with you.


Include Contact Details In Your Letterhead Template

If your target audience has any questions about using your products or services, then make sure that all these queries will be answered by including an ‘about us’ section, which includes information like how long have you been in business, personnel involved, etc., also include contact numbers of course so that people can call you up if they want more details about anything at all.

Don’t Be Too Formal In Choosing Your Free Company Letterhead Template

 There’s nothing wrong with being professional and all, but don’t be so official about it that you scare people off because your letterheads look like they’re out of a secret government organization or something. People should feel comfortable in using your company and its products and services, not scared witless by the way things look to them.  


Get Some Inspiration

Nowadays, almost everyone has access to the Internet, so why not use this advantage to scout around for ideas? There are plenty of websites that offer free letterhead template samples for download out there. Try them out before you settle down on one that you think would suit your business best.

Venngage offers a wide selection of letterhead templates for all your business branding needs. Don’t forget to check it out! 

Get printing

After you have decided on a letterhead template, it’s time to get them printed and distributed among your employees so they can stick it to all the letters they write. Always keep some extra samples in store in case any of the employees leave the company or change jobs for any reason, then you may need to print out new ones when replacing these employees.


It is important to have a well-branded business. If you want your customers to know who you are and what your company stands for, the letterhead template is one of the essential things that can help you do this. By using a letterhead template, it will be easy for potential customers to identify with your brand and take notice of all the great work that you do. A well-designed logo can help set up an image about what your business does and how they operate as a whole. The power of design goes a long way!

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
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