A guide on live dealer baccarat

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Baccarat has traditionally been viewed as a high-society game played in exclusive clubs. However, today, baccarat is available in nearly all online and land-based casinos and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of gamblers from all over the world. Incidentally, it is also among the easiest game to adapt to live and virtual format, which justifies its massive presence in online casinos.   

There are plenty of virtual baccarat games that come in varying styles. For instance, a few years back, game software providers started introducing live dealer baccarat games. This game version runs in real-time and is hosted by professional croupiers. A video broadcast is relayed to your computer via high-def cameras, delivering a clear image.   

How live dealer baccarat game works

Contrary to the standard online baccarat played on a two-dimensional, virtual table, live baccarat works by basically live-streaming a dealer from a land-based casino somewhere around the world.    

It’s worth noting, the user interface of this version of baccarat is nearly similar to what you see in standard online baccarat. This means purchasing more chips, conversing with other players, and placing bets will be a straightforward process.

And because the dealer is a real person, they will notify you when the wager for a particular hand is complete and what the resultant outcome is when cards are finished being issued.   

That said, as with any game from an online casino, the live dealer baccarat game you get from one website might be set up differently on another. Whenever you want to play, do some comparison shopping to find the best platform from the available options. After all, nothing is devastating as registering on a site and depositing your money only to realize that nothing is working as promised.  

Baccarat bets

There are three possible bets in baccarat. Let’s take a brief look at each:

  • Player – A wager on the player’s hand is represented by the spot on the playing table where the bet is placed. Usually, it has a 1.24% house edge, and it pays out 1/1. 
  • Banker – A wager on the Banker’s hand is also represented by where the bet is placed. It usually has a 1.06% house edge and pays out 19/20. 
  • Tie – The bet value of both the player’s and Banker’s hands is the same. It has a 14.4% house edge and pays out 8/1. 

Advantages of live dealer baccarat

Live dealer baccarat is popular than ever in part because of the immense advantages offered by the game. However, if you’re seeking the best possible experience, most live baccarat casinos can deliver.   


Live baccarat online replicates the thrilling experience of a brick-and-mortar casino without leaving your home or office. The convenience of bringing the playing table closer to you cannot be overlooked. Of course, you pick the dress code, music, and lighting since this is your personal experience. Imagine being in the middle of a party or an event like Feb Fest (https://www.ygkevents.com/blog/feb-fest-2020-in-review/, and still getting time to supplement your merrymaking with live baccarat. Convenience at its best!

Real human dealer

The standard online baccarat misses a vital game element, and that is a real dealer. However, this isn’t the case anymore. Live dealer baccarat will future a real human dealer, making moves and deals in real-time through a video broadcast. Your dealer will have a microphone and headset so they can converse with you or respond to any queries you might have.  

Choice of dealers

Live baccarat gets even more exciting as you will have a chance to hand-pick the banker/dealer. Pick from attractive professionals who are dressed to impress and keen to deal with your cards.  


Live dealer games are perfect for any gambling enthusiast who is unconvinced about rigging at online casinos. Through playing baccarat with a banker, you see what is transpiring in real-time. This is not a confirmation that the online platforms’ software is rigged, but any such thinking is invalid when it comes to living dealer games. Combine that with playing at a legitimate site, and you can put your worries away.     

Baccarat strategies

Baccarat is a game of chance. You have less control over what the outcomes will be. There are no decisions you can make to turn the odds in your favor, like in the case of blackjack. You are entirely at the mercy of the Banker. 

That said, while you cannot directly influence the game, there are a few strategies that you can employ to manage your bankroll, which is equally very important. Betting strategically can minimize your loss margin and even boost your profits. 

Over the years, various tactics have been designed and perfect to provide players with the best chance of winning some extra cash. Let’s take a look at some of these strategies:

The 1-3-2-4 system 

This is a simplistic progression approach that you can use to capitalize on your winnings and cut your losses. Here is what happens. You assign a value to a unit; let’s say $10. You wager on the single unit, and if you are lucky to win, you proceed to the next number in the line and bet that many units. On the contrary, if you lose, then move one number back. 

The martingale system 

This is another progressive system where you increase your stake twice a fold after each loss. When you hit a win, you adjust your bet size to that of the previous one. Usually, this strategy ensures that you will recover your money back from preceding losses because of the increasing nature of the bets. 

Are there any shortcomings of the Martingale system? Yes. Since you increase your bet twice a fold instead of increasing them progressively, an awful losing streak may result in you losing your entire bankroll. Be cautious when using this system.   

The Fibonacci system 

This system is familiar to anyone who loves mathematics. It is a progressive strategy, where each number equals the sum of the two that appeared before it. When following this logic, you increase your stake with every loss. Equally, when you win, you reduce the size of your stake back to the previous value. This strategy is akin to the martingale; however, it progresses a little slower. It helps you recoup back your lost bets, given that you can continue betting.

Again, keep in mind that these systems do not guarantee a win, as baccarat is a game of chance. Their objective is to boost your potential winnings and play down your losses as much as possible.     

Start making live dealer baccarat bets

As at this point, you have an in-depth understanding of live baccarat games. With this information, it’s time to take things a notch higher and venture into the real dealing action. Just sign up at a legitimate online casino that offers live baccarat and start betting. All the best in your dealings!  


How does the live dealer baccarat game work?

From your laptop or mobile phone at home, you can enjoy playing a real dealer baccarat game via a live stream. You can electronically place your bets as you would at a standard online baccarat game, and the Banker will see your bets and respond accordingly. 

What are the odds in live dealer baccarat?

The chance of a player’s hand winning is 44.62%, Banker’s hand probability is 45.86%, and the likelihood of a tie is 9.52%. Their respective payouts are 1/1, 19/20, and 8/1. 

Is baccarat all luck?

Yes, the baccarat game is based on chance. There is a small room for strategy in what bet you make, but the game’s outcome is all luck. 

Where can I play live dealer baccarat?

You can play live dealer baccarat at nearly any online casino. Most online casinos have several variations of baccarat, such as punto banco and mini-baccarat. 

Can I play live dealer baccarat on mobile?

Yes! You can play live dealer baccarat on your smartphone. Depending on the online casino, you may play live baccarat in a mobile browser or via a mobile app.

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