A Kingdom Divided, Old School RuneScape’s 150th quest, is officially live today

In the previous thread, I raised concerns about a user of MobileSafari. The evidence is clear that the user is accessing our game servers and using our servers to manipulate our game client to gain an advantage over other players.

The first live video game level was released on the 19th of September 2011, and marked the start of an era of game development that has changed the way we play video games forever. It not only marked the appearance of weekly updates and live releases, but also the introduction of the whole concept of timed quests. Today, the 150th quest of the popular Old School RuneScape game has been released, and it’s time to celebrate!

word-image-9726 There are currently 150 quests in Old School RuneScape , which players can complete after the official release of A Kingdom Divided. In A Kingdom Divided, players go behind the facade of peace and prosperity of the kingdom of Greater Cowrend to uncover allegations of corruption at the heart of the Cowrend Council. But the Council’s political games are not the only thing the players have to deal with. There is also a deeper conspiracy that has been brewing for hundreds of years, and a dark force is gathering in the kingdom that could change the face of Gielinor forever. Completing the new quest line not only brings the aforementioned revelations, but also unlocks rewards in the form of 26 new spells for the Arseus spellbook, two quest points, a lamp for 10,000 experience points, an increase to 60 charges in Haredst’s Memories, and a new respawn point in Cowrend Castle. The update went live a few hours ago, but already includes a few fixes for connection issues, the stats of a certain monster, and the planned closure of some PvP worlds. Other bugs that occurred in the last update will be fixed in next week’s update> For now, it’s the Great Korenda. View

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