Aion Classic will officially make its western debut at noon tomorrow

Yes, you read that correctly. Aion Classic, a spin-off of the popular Aion MMORPG, will officially make its western debut at noon tomorrow, Oct. 12, at The Iconic, a popular pop-up arcade. The Hong Kong-based company, which is the developer of the original Aion, partnered with The Iconic to make the event happen. Players who visit the arcade will have the opportunity to try and play the game, as well as win prizes and collect exclusive badges.

Aion Classic, the free-to-play MMORPG developed by NCsoft, will make its official western debut at noon on Thursday, May 2, on the official Aion Classic website. The momentous event, which will be broadcast live on Twitch, will be held at the NCsoft office in San Francisco. The event will feature a panel of professional players, including NCsoft-sponsored esports players Andrew “Frezzar” Brown and MaDon Key from the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) and Tiffany “Xepher” Wong, who is the current international champion in the Aion competitive scene.

After multiple delays, Aion is finally making its western debut – and not a minute too soon. As many of you know, Aion Classic is a remarkable evolution of Aion that was originally planned for release in 2010. This free to play, indie, cross-gen MMO offers an original take on the classic idea of a fantasy-themed MMORPG. …

Good news for MMO players who are ready for the Aion Classic: You don’t even have to get up early. NCsoft has announced that the festivities will begin tomorrow at 12pm EDT (9am). PDT and 6pm. CEST. For those who manage to play in the middle of the day, there are of course quick tasks available.

Get ready for the most epic launch event of the Aion classic tomorrow! When the server starts up tomorrow, all players will be able to participate in various challenges against other players from all over the world. The fastest player(s) to complete each challenge will unlock exclusive titles with legendary status! The calls are listed below:

– First to reach level 50
– First brigadier general of the First Legion to capture a fort
– First to reach 1-star officer rank
– First to get the Hunter buff in PvP
– First team to kill the Bent Corruptor
– First team to kill brigadier general Bakarma

You can follow the winners of each category on our contest tracking page, which will be open tomorrow on If you would like to enter the contest, please note that it begins at 9:00 am Pacific time (12:00 am EDT, 6:00 am CEST). Thank you and good luck!

If you feel like this is going very fast, it is: NCsoft announced the game’s launch in America just two weeks ago. Pre-order packs are on sale now, as is character creation.

The new service for the popular MMORPG Aion is a reboot of the game as it launched in America in 2009, with some additional quality of life improvements. Players, new and old, can explore the vast and unique realm of the god Aion, hunt and complete quests, or take part in the battle between light and darkness and compete against other players. […] Some of the game’s iconic early dungeons will return in Aion Classic, and players will only have access to four original character classes (each with two original sub-classes). In keeping with the principles of classic MMORPGs, player progression in Aion Classic will be at a moderate pace, allowing players to explore the world of Asmodians and Aelians.

We would like to point out once again that Gameforge runs the Aion retail network in Europe but has not made any announcements concerning the European classic server. NCsoft has alternately labeled its Classic servers as global, western and US, but since NCsoft itself has given CEST as the start time, we assume Europeans can still play – at least if they’re willing to endure the ping time on the US East Coast servers.


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