Amazon’s New World closed beta finally begins today

Amazon’s New World closed beta finally begins today.

Today, Amazon is launching its New World, a place where you can shop, read reviews, browse music, and even create recommendations to share with others. It’s also now open to the public, with a starting price of $4.99 a month. A beta version of the service is available for Amazon Prime members today, with a full release coming later this year.

Amazon’s New World closed beta finally begins today. What does that mean? Well, if you’re a member of Amazon’s Prime service, you can now take part in Amazon’s New World closed beta. But more interestingly, the e-commerce giant is also finally starting up Amazon’s New World, which is a new e-commerce site that’s been in beta for a while now, but is now being opened up to the masses for the first time.. Read more about new world closed beta date and let us know what you think.


New World, have a great beta day! Yes, Amazon Games’ long-awaited MMORPG is now in closed beta, the last stage of testing – and excitement – before its August 31st release. It is, after all, a test; there will be a wipe before the launch. However, there is no NDA, which means we’ll all get a clear look at the pre-launch version.

You should have received your beta key by now if you prepurchased the game or clicked the button while it was still a “free” item on Amazon’s site; I received mine last night, and Amazon stated the keys were still being sent 12 hours ago. According to a Reddit report, all Amazon Prime members will be able to access it. Beyond that, obtaining a fortunate invite from signing up for the beta on the official site or snatching a key from the zillions of optimistic broadcasters with giveaways is your only option.

The client is currently available for download, and the studio is hosting a devcast today at 12:00 EDT to unveil the trailer, open the gates, and shower Twitch fans with goodies. Of course, we’ll keep you updated with the important details, or you may watch it yourself.

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MOP’s PvP columnist Sam, who attended last week’s press event and provided thoughts on the new Outpost Rush PvPvE battlefield and the new Lazarus Instrumentality PvE dungeon, is the most recent journalist to provide several hands-ons with the post-revamp version of the game.


Amazon’s New World closed beta finally begins today. The company’s new livestreaming game competition, Amazon’s New World, allows thousands of players to compete in daily challenges and compete for a chance at a $100,000 prize. Amazon made the contest free to play, but it’s a closed beta, meaning Twitch Prime subscribers have access to the game.. Read more about new world closed beta key giveaway and let us know what you think.

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