Ark Genesis 2 Mutagen & Mutagel Guide 2021 (Farming + Best Locations)

You are about to jump into the Ark Genesis 2 world, and we are going to show you the best places to farm, the best items to obtain, and the best ways to build up your Ark Genesis 2 game. We’re also going to show you the best types of Mutagen and Mutagel to create your own unique Ark mutations. We’re going to share with you all the best farming techniques and strategies that you can use to make sure you have everything you need in order to build up your Ark game.

A Guide to Farming on Ark Genesis 2 Mutagen & Mutagel Guide 2021 (Farming + Best Locations)

Ark Genesis 2 is the latest addition to the genre of building MMO games. It is a sequel to the original Ark Genesis which was released in 2017. In this game, each player is given a starting position with a unique Ark, which is a large cube with a series of rooms on the sides. The game is played by migrating from one Ark to another.

Mutagen is a rare resource in Ark Genesis 2. You can make a mutagen 6 times stronger than a mutagen 800 times stronger on a chemistry bench. You can use the mutagen to tame Voidwyrm. Mutagen is the only tammaking food that can be used for Voidwyrm. To tame a mutagen, you have to put it in the last place of the toolbar. GET 20% DISCOUNT ON ARK SERVERS + FREE TEST VERSION USING UNBOXEDREVIEWS CODE word-image-8390

How to get a mutagen in Genesis Ark 2

If you don’t have time to read our full guide on Ark Genesis 2 mutagens and mutagenic substances, here’s a brief overview of how to get it:

  • Grow mutagel in a space biome (pickaxe required).
  • Restore the mutagen in the Rockwell area (only with the Tek combination).

Ark Genesis 2 Mutagen & Mutagel Farming

word-image-2877 In the damaged area located at 50.5, 41. , you will find one of the main entrances to Ark Genesis 2 in the middle of the map. Go through the door and down the corridor to the central bridge. Remember that every day at midnight, the source area changes. When the ship lands on the new position, you have access to new resources.   word-image-2878 These brown stones indicate an area of mutagel. Go to the rock armed with your pick to find smaller, darker rocks.   word-image-2879 Touching any of these stones will give you mutagel, stone and ambergris. If you’re only here for Mutagel, skip Ambergris and Stone, they’re pretty heavy. To fight the Seekers, I recommend bringing some sort of weapon, such as. B. a gun. It’s also handy to have a net gun with you to stop the dolphins’ attack.

Farming Ark Genesis 2 Mutagens with creatures

If you want to make the mutagel grow faster, you need to know which creatures can help you. After taking Doedicurus to one of the asteroids, I can confirm that it only leads to the stone. GET 20% DISCOUNT ON ARK SERVERS + FREE TEST VERSION USING UNBOXEDREVIEWS CODE word-image-8391 With the Ankylosaurus, you can raise a mutaglider. However, the amount you get out of each stone is about the same as if you were to take it out by hand with a pickaxe.

Use of mutagel for the preparation of a mutagen

Once you’ve collected enough mutagel, it’s time to make the Ark Genesis 2 Mutagen. Remember that this source is only available in the second part of Genesis. Go to the chemical booth and drag the mutaglio into the booth’s inventory. If you have enough engrams and the right conditions, you can create a mutagen. It takes 800 mutagels to make 6 mutagels. If you want, you can turn the mutagen into a mutagel.

To obtain the Rockwell zone mutagen

word-image-2880 One of Rockwell’s entries is at 50.3, 29.6 . You don’t need any tools or living creatures to collect mutagens with this method. I suggest you get used to using Tek Armour before you leave to make this trip as smooth as possible.   word-image-2881 Now that you’ve reached the Rockwell Zone, it’s time to harvest the Ark Genesis 2 mutagen. This section is probably the hardest on the map, so keep your eyes peeled.   word-image-2882 When you find a mutagen, press E to pick it up (if you’re playing on PC), and then quickly run away as a summoner teleports to you.   word-image-2883 It takes a long time for a mutagen to regenerate. You can check if Mutagen is nearby by looking at the spray icon in the right corner of the screen. The symbol does not indicate if the mutagen is in the immediate vicinity, so keep looking. If you don’t see the mutagen icon in Ark Genesis 2, then there is no mutagen at all, so don’t waste your time.   word-image-2884 During several server cleanups, we found 3 mutagens every time a full spawn occurred. Once the splash icon disappears, you know you’ve collected all the available mutagens in that area.Ark Genesis 2 Mutagen & Mutagel Guide 2021 (Farming + Best Locations). Read more about ark genesis 2 resource map and let us know what you think.

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