Artificial Intelligence in Education: The Main Roles It Will Play

Will AI improve or ruin teaching? – The debate has been lasting for a long, and this article is about the changes AI will bring to education.

Artificial intelligence has become an inalienable part of our everyday lives for the last several years. And the technology proceeds conquering all the aspects of human life.

In fact, we all use AI technologies rather often, as it is mounted in many applications for our devices. You can see it in cameras on your smartphone or tablet, photo-editing, translating apps, etc. But what can be a cornerstone in the AI revolution? What can play a substantial role in humanity’s further evolution?

As it happened centuries ago, education can drive humanity’s further development, but to become a transformative power in today’s conditions, education needs to be substantially changed. Thanks to AI technologies, the educational industry worldwide will change drastically, and education will most likely upgrade unprecedentedly!

In this article, you will read about the roles that AI will play for both teachers and students and how it can contribute to the overall improvement of education.

1. Automating admin tasks

Ordinary teachers just ten years ago could only dream that one day watching their students’ progress and grading could be delegated to some kind of software. Now, this becomes a reality, which in fact, is very joyful for all teachers.

 Why? – Because their ever-unfulfillable dream was finally fulfilled: thanks to AI, teachers’ obligations are to only concentrate on improving their teaching practice.

 And at the same time, admin tasks being delegated to software will be performed a lot better, with no chances for human mistakes. Students will get understandable and proper reports about their progress.

2. Learning Personalization for each student

And this is about every student’s dream fulfillment! Everyone’s learning will be adjusted to their own schedule and chronotype. This means that everyone will learn only in a comfortable time for them.

However, personalization does not end on time adjustment. It’s also about learning materials’ adjustment to the student’s pace and progress so that usually students will visit to prepare the term papers on their own and turn them in on time. With the help of artificial intelligence, it’s possible to spot knowledge gaps and fill in those accordingly.

Thus, AI makes education truly individualized and adjusted to everyone’s needs. So, it is likely that with AI involved in teaching, there will be no D students anymore!

3. Learning content will become more engaging

With AI implemented in education, lessons and lectures will naturally become smarter. “Smarter” here means more interesting, colorful, flexible, and adjustable. In more detail, this will mean:

–        Various formats of learning content. With the help of AI, it will become possible to present learning materials in many ways that until recently were impossible. For example, new information could be presented via a variety of visualizations, web-based environments for learning, and simulations.

–       Digitalization of learning materials. It is understood per se that artificial intelligence works in a digitalized environment only. So, it’s about digital coursebooks, lessons packed in digital files, and other types of learning materials produced with the help of AI.

–      Always up-to-date information in lessons. With the help of AI, it becomes possible to provide only up-to-date information to students without taking care of updating learning materials by teachers themselves, as the system is constantly watching if there are any updates.

4. Students’ support outside the classroom

With digital education, you can forget all about getting embarrassed by asking your instructor for additional help. As mentioned above, AI educational platform knows exactly where you have knowledge gaps and what you should repeat. Moreover, you can access the system anytime and anywhere.

With the help of AI tutors, you will always be able to keep up with the courses. For teachers, such an option is a great help, too, as they won’t need to overwork and assist students individually by answering their questions or explaining challenging topics or concepts. Those tasks become the AI tutors’ responsibility, and teachers, at the same time, will work on the most fundamental aspects of teaching their students.

5. Providing easy learning for students with special needs

Artificial intelligence can solve issues in creating an inclusive learning environment. Students with body specifics will be able to engage in the educational process a lot easier than previously.

A specially designed learning environment with AI technologies provides access to all educational materials for students with disabilities. Believe it or not, artificial intelligence makes it real to teach both learners with hearing disabilities and those whose sight is essentially impaired.

Final thoughts

Involving AI technologies into the educational processes is a promising step forward for all humankind simply because it will mean that education will be improved as there will be no more justifications for missed classes and not learned material, no more misunderstandings, no more uncomfortable conditions for students. Together with this, the education will be improving thanks to the automation of teacher’s admin tasks. Artificial intelligence technologies in education will make teachers concentrate solely on their teaching tasks!

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The short summary

Studying is one of the most demanding tasks for our brain and spirit. If you want to be an outstandingly successful student, you should put your effort into it, and to prepare mentally here means to prepare well and work one’s way up! Still, don’t forget that your mind is in your body, and you should take care of your physical needs first, then – proceed with making edits to your emotional state.

Renee R. Scully
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