Ascendants Rising is a co-op action RPG that pits players against randomized bosses in arena combat

As the game’s name suggests, the game plays out in arenas, when you and a team of up to 3 other players fight against increasingly difficult and deadly bosses with the goal of killing them and scoring as many points as possible. It’s a pretty standard action RPG formula, but the game takes it a step further in that you can choose to play on the game’s leaderboards, make use of the multiplayer leaderboards, or just play the game for fun with your friends.

Since the dawn of the first creature from the Skyfolk, the fate of the world has been intertwined with the immortal Ascendants. These mystical beings have been the guardians of the world from the beginning of timeā€”and as the last of their kind, they now face their greatest challenge yet. As the last of the Ascendants rise to answer the call of the last remaining Skyfolk, they now face a new threat that threatens to tear the world asunder. Will you be the hero that helps bring the Ascendants back to the ranks of the living, or will you be their downfall?

A Steam Greenlight Page was set up for the upcoming space-themed action RPG Ascendants Rising, a sequel to the 2005 game Ascendant.

Do you like MMORPGs? Tired of the tedious routine, group hunts and long hikes before you can have fun? Or maybe you just don’t have time to do it anymore? Then we have a game for you! This is the first salvo in Ascendants Rising, an early access RPG in which players engage in arena battles with boss monsters known as Incarnates.

According to the game’s Steam page, not all encounters in Incarnate will be the same, as each battle will have different boss mechanics, environments, encounters, and enemies. The game also has a unique class format that allows the player to heal their team by attacking enemies with a sword or firing back with a gun (sort of). This is reinforced by a tierless system that emphasizes personal skills, team skills, and gear selection, while character development is tied to powerful weapons called artifacts, which can be infused and upgraded with a variety of gems. Ascendants features three game modes – Coliseum, Dungeons and Raids – with environments covering a variety of themes, from science fiction to Lovecraftian horror to urban and medieval fantasy.

Ascendants is currently in closed beta, with several updates including the addition of the Coliseum mode, new bosses, and a new artifact. As for the release, developer/publisher Limitless Games plans to launch the game in late 2021 or early 2022, depending on player feedback.


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