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‘The best industrial interior cc’ is a new blog that has been set up to showcase some of the best free items and resources for designers and artists within the industry. As the title suggests free means no cost, so the blogs focus is completely free.

In this world of CGI, it is always a great idea to have some 3D models for your game or project. Nowadays, there are a lot of sites that provide free 3D models to the public. One of the most popular is

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I’m more of a fan of semi-modern and incredibly simple designs.

All my sims live in simple boxes with no organization system and too much free space. I’m anything but an interior designer, and it shows.

That’s not to say I can’t enjoy the occasional well-built house in TS4. And thanks to religiously watching Sim YouTubers build houses I could never build, I have an idea of different interior styles!

Therefore, in this article, I have collected some furniture and custom items that can contribute to the industrial theme Amy Simmer dreams of. Give it a try!

1. Elevare Part 1 by Syboubou

Check out this AC.

You know those heavy, intimidating ladders that are always used as fire escapes, back entrances or service ladders in a building? The ones that look like they weigh a few tons more than regular wood or laminate stairs?


In any other scenario they may seem impractical, but in an industrial setting?

They’re absolutely perfect.

Like these bold CC Elevare Part 1 ladders in raw metal by Syboubou.

There are four options for the stairs themselves and three for the handrails. All options have a heavy, rough quality that is immediately reminiscent of renovated factories.

One option in particular fits the theme perfectly: Lattice steps, heavy mesh edges, dark unpainted colors… all that fun stuff.

Combined with industrial handrails that have almost the same elements, you get a staircase that could very well pass for a renovated warehouse.

2. SIMcredible Industrial Lamps !

Check out this AC.

These are truly the most imaginative and creative lamps I have ever seen for The Sims 4.

And that’s no mean feat, considering the Sims team can be quite eclectic and innovative in their designs.

As the name suggests, these lamps were designed with industrial applications in mind. And how good they are!

Vintage sconces, table lamps that look like old oil lamps and a pointed sputnik chandelier give an antique feel. And because they are all very tasteful, I think they could also be used in non-industrial interiors, as accent pieces or avant-garde installations.

My favorites are the Magic Beans ceiling light and the Roller Wheel wall light.

First because I really like round, bubble-shaped fixtures, and second because of the vintage filmreel vibe.

3. Torsion industrial brick walls

Check out this AC.

The special thing about brick walls in TS4 vanilla games is that they don’t have the wear and quality of industrial walls.

The principles of industrial interior design are to showcase the building materials rather than hide them with wallpaper and paint.

Torque has the right idea with these industrial brick walls.

They look like exposed bricks, rough and worn, but artistic and visually appealing.

The fine cracks, scratches and uneven edges of these wallcoverings make the walls look old and unkempt, and stand alone because they are too stubborn to fall apart.

And the four colors it’s available in fit the neutral, unserious color palette that’s pretty much the norm for this theme. The red gives the classic red brick look for commercial buildings, while the gray/off-white looks good.

4. Keep it simple by soloriya

Check out this AC.

This soloriya furniture/decorating set is not specifically marketed as industrial, but many pieces follow the principles of this interior design style:

Simple, not serious, able to make a bold statement in a discreet way.

The color palette of these items is neutral: white, black, brown and sometimes mint green.

The furniture and decor in this set may be a little too ordinary for an industrial style – and lack sharp edges – but the use of unpainted wood and small accents of metal are enough to make a few pieces accents or additions.

Take for example pendant lights (rough and exposed elements), a metal cage coffee table (metal bars) and a ladder (salvaged/used furniture).

5. Minimalist posters + industrial wallpaper by hvikis

Check out this AC.

The minimalist posters in this series are pretty cool (which is a good point if you like sleek, modern buildings). But I need a rough, worn wallpaper.

After all, there is nothing to suggest that this is a neglected warehouse or an old industrial space renovated as bare, time-worn concrete.

Again, the principles of industrial interior design are to highlight materials that would normally be hidden.

And what’s more insidious than unstacked concrete and untreated metal walls? Now with a piece of chipped paint on the bottom to add some color.

Smooth white walls work well for product photos (if you really want the product to stand out), but I prefer the wild concrete jungle look of exposed concrete and a raw red metal wall. This suits me better.

6. Bedroom Industryby BuffSumm

Check out this AC.

You get a canopy, and you get a canopy, and you get a canopy, and you get a canopy!

You wouldn’t expect it, but there are a lot of sunscreens in this industrial bedroom set.

It’s a little odd that there are too many (I believe there are only six individual caps in the series?), but I agree that they contribute to the overall look: worn, rough, and lived-in.

This could be due to the transparency of the screens or the obvious metal frame that holds the screens in place. This gives the place an older, slightly dusty, vintage feel.

Don’t get me wrong: This doesn’t mean the whole bedroom looks run-down.

It’s very dark and raw in a very artistic and aesthetic way. We are a long way from the bright and monochromatic colours of the minimalist style or the simple and pure aspect of the Scandinavian style, that’s for sure!

This CC room was born in a factory and is proud of it.

Particularly noteworthy is the ladder used as a clothes/bag rack and the mesh tool cabinet that replaces the sideboard. ingenuity and creativity, as befits an industrial style.

7. Loft Top Dining Table ShinoKCR

Check out this AC.

Lofts are almost synonymous with the industrial interior design style, especially since the media often shows young, lazy people living in renovated, high-end factory lofts.

That is why the Loft dining table set by ShinoKCR fits in perfectly.

I’d even say it’s the epitome of industrial style: oddball furniture that looks like it’s been recycled, raw metal, unpainted wood, a mix of rough and unpolished textures, and mesh….. There’s a huge mirror that looks like a window and doubles as a wall decoration.

Overall, this is a great set of CC fabrics (and functional!) that executes the concept of using materials in industrial style perfectly.

8. Industrial construction (beams and railings) by BuffSumm

Check out this AC.

These purely decorative beams, columns and building enclosures are the perfect finishing touch to any closed factory that has become a restored residential area.

Steel beams, concrete columns and broken beam extensions? This material says more about an industrial building than any other.

Put them in rooms with large floor-to-ceiling windows, concrete floors and disorderly furniture, and you get the interior of most factories and manufacturing plants.

They add the grunge-industrial vibe of a cool, unconventional art studio. Or for a studio in the style of an art project.

You know, the kind that are in abandoned warehouses.

This particular look is pretty hard to replicate in the vanilla TS4, but these bars can definitely help!

9. Kardofe Canteen Warehouse

Check out this AC.

More interior design principles!

Industrial design is concerned with utensils and metal surfaces. Choose items that are as functional as they are formal.

The creator of Kardofe obviously knows all this, and his CC Warehouse Dining Room set implements these concepts perfectly.

For most pieces, both wood and metal were used to create a sleek commercial look. Wear or aging is minimal, but the principles of rough and exposed materials prevail.

There is an unpainted wooden table, but there are several dining chairs (and a stool) to match.

Great for creating a mismatched, composite effect that can elevate the industrial level.

But what really caught my eye was the huge painting on the sail, and I consider it the centerpiece of this set.

There are four options – including a blank canvas option – and they all add bright colors that complement the muted palette incredibly well.

My favorite part is the pattern that looks like it was painted on a brick wall. But the scene where the maid lifts the tarp to reveal the stones behind her comes in second.

10. BuffSumm Residential

Check out this AC.

While BuffSumm’s industrial bedroom set consisted only of canopies, the industrial living room set consists only of planters.

I’m not even joking.

There are eight planters in total. All these pieces have different heights, shapes and numbers of legs and an individual color palette.

Aside from the insane number of planters, this CC set is also one of the most complete on this list, with a total of 33 items.

Eight of them are planters, but the others are composite pieces that look like they came from a catalogue of original, avant-garde industrial furniture.

You’ll find a sofa bed, pillows, plaids, a chandelier shaped like a Ferris wheel (yep), and geometric coffee tables with a cage.

I also want to emphasize the intensity of the adaptation of this set.

The eye-catching cushions, bedspread and sofa sections are all separate files with their own colour palette. So in theory, you can have different parts of the sofa and the couch in different colors to create a true recycled furniture look.

11. Athena from SIMcredible!

Check out this AC.

SIMcredible! – is one of the CC creators known for delivering high quality user generated content every time.

I’ve literally never been disappointed or had any problems with anything they’ve released, regardless of the patch my game is currently on.

So when the Athena furniture set was mentioned as one of the kits to build the industrial loft, I downloaded it with high hopes.

Again, I’ve never been disappointed.

To be honest, this furniture/decor set also fits more with a subtle Scandinavian style. The simple wood structure (very little metal) and clean lines are more suited to Scandinavian interiors than an industrial ceiling.

However, I note that the use of exposed metal for the Athena wire chairs (and the Athena wire panel on the wall) also puts this set in the industrial camp.

The Athena easel also uses a metal grid and a simple frame.

If you are looking for a combination of modern and industrial style, this Athena set is a great option.

12. Soloriya industrial decor

Check out this AC.

Honestly, I was a little hesitant about this movie.

From the preview pics, I thought this set was a little fancy. These objects looked like they came from the workshop of an eccentric (yet brilliant!) inventor who liked to make clunky but functional objects.

But I think it’s just because they were grouped together.

As I presented the game objects one by one, their unique characteristics stood out.

I can now confidently say that this CC package from soloriya is full of fun and clever quirks.

They would make great decorative elements for any loft room.

I especially like the books with the industrial decor and the key bottle with the industrial decor.

Both are too cute for me and I want to see them on my desk IRL.

13. hvikis industrial complex

Check out this AC.

This set of hvikis conversions is marketed as an industrial themed set.

And, saints, it really is.

The stickers should be enough to know that there is a lot of metal, used wood and raw materials. Modest wire and metal dining chairs, a dining table made of cracked wood and beautiful floating shelves made of stone, wood or concrete (depending on the model).

The items in this game are definitely of a higher class. The industrial panacea.

It looks more like specially selected and commissioned furniture than found and salvaged furniture.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a cleaner, less organic approach to this style of decorating.

This CC offers a good mix of commercial minimalism that I think will appeal to many TS4 players.

14. MarcusSims91 Bronze Office (Sims3 – Sims4) by ddaengsims

Check out this AC.

Here’s another set that isn’t specifically industrial, but some (if not most) of the elements here fit the style principle.

If you get tired of reading the words mesh or metal mesh, I’m sorry.

But that’s exactly the style of the cork board/roster and floor basket: a mesh and wire grid to create a simple, no-hassle storage style that’s more of a staple in manufactured homes and offices.

My favorite part of this set is the little vintage table fan.

I grew up with the exact same one in my grandfather’s office, so it was a big nostalgia hit for me.

The wall grid made of metal mesh is also very nice, because it fits with an ultra-modern or ultra-minimalist style.

The bottom basket adds a nice touch to the overall functional and casual look of this CC backpack.

And if you’re a big fan of wood textures? The patterns on the Pylorama table are beautiful.

15. Industrial Chic Refurbishing Coffee Table by Sims4Luxury

Check out this AC.

This beautiful, sleek coffee table is available in a seven color/style pattern, all of which are a variation of worn, striped and/or heavily stained wood.

Which, in the context of an industrial theme, is exactly what you need.

I really love all the style options of this CC piece. But I’m especially in love with the white-blue-white pattern.

It looks like beautiful wooden planks painted on one side.

I know there are other furniture sets on this list with wooden coffee tables, so I understand why it seems excessive to load them with one table (or insufficient, since we have so many!).

But aside from the beautiful but raw design (of which there are no exact replicas in other packaging), I think it’s an easy way to add some industrial flavor to a room that doesn’t need to be decorated entirely in this style if you only have a coffee table.

If you need sophistication or just a contrast/accent to a neutral or muted color palette, this is a great option.The first step in any esthetically pleasing video game is to design the level. Once that’s done, you begin the lengthy process of creating an attractive, aesthetically breathtaking world. However, some video game designers opt to create their own unique environments, rather than basing their game off of a popular video game franchise. The results of these custom designs are often breathtaking, providing a game with a level of authenticity and uniqueness that is often lacking in the more commercialized video game industry.. Read more about industrial loft sims 4 and let us know what you think.

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