Blizzard surveys World of Warcraft players about their Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker intentions

Blizzard is sending out surveys to WoW players to find out if they would like to see the Final Fantasy XIV character Y’ssidarh (who is better known as the Endwalker) in WoW. This is part of a larger project called Final Fantasy XIV: Light of the Seventh Dawn, which seeks to expand the Final Fantasy universe into the WoW Universe. FFXIV players were asked to name their best hope for a Final Fantasy XIV crossover. Y’ssidarh was the winner.

In what I consider to be a relatively unknown fact, it is actually in the interest of WoW players to have a Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker mount in their inventory, as that mount will be converted into a special currency called Zen as part of an upcoming event. This currency can then be used to buy items that are not normally available or obtainable to players.

Blizzard surveys World of Warcraft players about their Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker intentions

The tide lifts all ships, Axiom says, which is appropriate given the healthy competition between the major MMORPGs. And while it’s clearly stated that there’s no enmity between Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft (and that people should stop beating the war drums), it’s clear at this point that Square-Enix’s popular MMORPG has drawn Blizzard’s attention to a competing product.

A Twitch streamer named Jedith shared part of a poll sent out by Blizzard that asked, among other things, how likely respondents would be to play the upcoming Endwalker expansion for FFXIV . The question is part of an email survey designed to better understand players.

While Jedit initially stated that the poll question suggested that Blizzard is clearly quaking in [its] boots – a statement that he defends as an admission that Blizzard feels a tangible competitive threat – he then shared a more nuanced response, writing It’s important to remember that being an ignorant supporter of either side is not productive. Blizzard sent out this survey to learn more about its customers and make better decisions. The competition is good – both for WoW , and for FF.

Blizzard sent out the polls today and it’s clear they’re quaking in their boots

– Jedith (@Jedithtv) 18 June 2021


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