Book of Travels explains why it’s going with seasons that advance time

Travelers on Earth and stars have called it a “season”, but it wasn’t until the recent World of Final Fantasy (WOFF) that the idea of travel at the pace of the seasons was introduced. The light and dark seasons correlate to the speed at which time passes on Earth and the stars, respectively. And like the seasons on Earth and the stars, WOFF’s seasons are not in a fixed order or at the same rate. However, one thing that the seasons on Earth and the stars have in common is that they persist in the same order regardless of where you are in the world.

This week I am starting a new series for my blog titled “Book of Travels.” It is going to be a weekly series where I explain why I am going with seasons that advance time. This series is going to be about my writing process, and my experience with writing and publishing my first book. I will be including short stories, poems, and other writings I have written in the past. (I have a lot!)

While MMORPGs are very much evolving and growing worlds, often their game worlds are stuck in time where lands, characters, and events are kept locked in place. The upcoming Book of Travels is looking to eschew this design in favor of pushing the timeline forward through its periodic “seasons.”

The Might and Delight dev team explained how this works as part of a rather excellent overview of the game: “The chapter structure in Book of Travels is designed to enable the world to grow and evolve over time. Chapters will see time moving on in the world after a substantial ‘season’. As well as allowing the world to grow, the reason we really like chapters is that they give us the opportunity to direct the future of the land in accordance with player and community responses and play patterns, making for a better, richer, and player-lead experience.”

But what if you miss the boat on a season? The team says not to worry, as there will be a catch-up mechanic: “Players missing any world events/previous chapters will have access to key stories through graphic novels and in-game artefacts.”

Book of Travels is kicking off its first season, Chapter Zero, in early August for its Kickstarter supporters.


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