Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War how to win at multiplayer

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has been a massive success since its launch.

It has brought some twists in the FPS shooter games with many new ingredients. However, this multiplayer version is furious, so even if you are a seasoned player, you need to polish your skills before jumping into the world of the cold war.

In the cold war version, you will see many new updates which can influence your gameplay. Therefore, if you want to survive this game, you need a reliable guide. In this article, you will find some valuable tips that will help you to win the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. 

Best ways to win Call of Duty: Black Ops- Cold War

Jump challenges

When you perform a jump challenge, you catch your opponents by surprise. Jump challenges are among the oldest and most popular in FPS games. Using this, you can hop to corners and detect your enemies off guard. 

When you peek slowly or simply walk through a door, your enemies can quickly attack you. Hitting a moving target is next to impossible. Thus, your enemies will take time to adjust the aim while you can tap, jump and fire.

Hip firing

If you are using a long-range gun and some enemy comes at a close range, you have to opt for hip firing to ADS. Otherwise, your enemy will win due to their faster ADS. Hip firing towards the chest of the enemy can be effective. Throwing a drop shot can also enhance your chances of winning.

Peeking spots

One of the most effective tactics used in this game is head glitching. It is helpful for any map, at any level, with any player. You have to find a peeking spot where your whole body will be under covers apart from your head. This will give you multiple advantages. On the one hand, you can check the position of your enemies and plan your attacks.

On the other hand, as most parts of your body are covered, no one can shoot you. Furthermore, shooting a tiny target is always challenging compared to shooting the whole character model. So, check different maps and pick the best peeking spots. This is one of the most useful Black ops cold war hacks to ensure your victory.


Relocating is the most crucial thing in games like Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. You need to change your location continuously to survive longer. Your enemies are always trying to find your location. 

So, always change your location after launching an attack or shooting an enemy. Otherwise, their teammates will discover your hiding spot and win the battle. So, keep relocation whenever possible and stay undercover before attacking.


If you find an enemy on the map, you must pre-fire. All members of your team should always aim for a common area. A split second can make you win or lose battles. So, even if you have made some mistakes in the gunfight, perfect pre-aims and swift movements can make up for those. 

Map memorizing

This tip is quite apparent but memorizing the map is essential to master the game. Many pro players find difficulties when they are not familiar with the map. When you remember the map, you always get the upper hand over other players. 

Always learn from your deaths and keep a mental log of everything that happens to you. Learning from these mistakes will lead you to success.

Choosing attachments

As you move forward in this game, you have to choose your attachments and sacrifice others. This process may sound simple, but it is much more difficult in reality. For example, collecting valuables is not used if you are not using them correctly. 

So, choose the best add-ons for your weapon and sacrifice others. This can influence the whole battle scenario and change your inevitable defeat to a glorious win.


Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has gained immense popularity since its launch. The new features of this version attract new gamers and retain the interest of old players. If you want to play this version smoothly and win every battle, use these tips while playing. You will see significant changes in your gameplay, and your journey will become easier. Last but not least, as they say, practice makes one perfect, so keep practicing and enjoy!

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
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