Can You Trust Online Casino Game Reviews?

Online reviews have become extremely popular in recent years. They represent the modern version of the oldest marketing technique in the world, word of mouth.

As such, people tend to believe them and a vast majority of people don’t make a purchase without consulting one or more online reviews sites. However, there is a growing number of fake or bought reviews which muddy the waters and make it hard for players to determine which ones they can trust. If you have experienced such a problem, here are some tips that will help you spot fake online casino games reviews.

Compare Sources

One of the best ways to be sure you can trust online casino game reviews is to compare various sources. For instance, searching for new casinos 2021 will give you several sites you can visit and by comparing them, you can get a fairly accurate picture of what to expect from each of them. Casino games usually have hundreds of reviews and you have to read several before getting an idea of what they are like. The process can seem tedious and time-consuming, but unfortunately, it is also necessary. Trusting a single review just isn’t a smart move, as reviews can be manipulated.

Trusting a single review just isn’t a smart move, as reviews can be manipulated

Look for In-depth Details

One of the sure ways of recognizing fake reviews is the lack of in-depth details. For instance, if you read a review that says “this online slot is great as it has big rewards”, you can be pretty sure it is a fake one. Put yourself in the place of a real person that has played and perhaps won at an online slot. He or she would be sure to give out as many details as possible, from thoroughly describing the slot to the exact amount of money they have won. You could read everything you need to know about the game, like the number of reels, description of bonus play, and the most common payout combinations. Almost certainly there would be something that a person writing the review didn’t like, even if it is something minor.

Perfect Reviews

In an effort to earn their pay, fake reviews writers tend to go overboard with their praises of online casino games. To them, everything is just perfect and the game in question doesn’t have a single flow, which is pretty much impossible. If a reviewer has given the game five stars in every aspect, you can be sure there is something fishy going on. Rarely, if ever, will any game, from casino games to triple-A video games titles, have every single aspect worthy of a five-star rating. That doesn’t mean that a game with a less than perfect score is a bad one, it is only indicative that people have various tastes and it is impossible for game developers to get every segment of their game to be perfect for everyone.

“If a reviewer has given the game five stars in every aspect, you can be sure there is something fishy going on

Look at a Wider Picture

Even if you find a perfectly honest game review that highly recommends the game you want to play, you still have to look at one more thing and that is the online casino that hosts it. Even the best game won’t be much fun if the casino is terrible. Make sure to look up a few reviews about it before you give them your money. Not all casinos play fair. In fact, some are pure scams and nothing more. Learning how to recognize them is an essential skill for any aspiring gambler. Even the good ones can have some bad points, like taking forever to process your withdrawal or imposing ridiculous demands before you can make one.

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