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So far, I’ve learned that changes, fixes, and issues are the lifeblood of open source development. For most of the 80+ people who have worked on the project, nothing beats a concrete, concise list of what’s new and what’s broken. This blog posts does a terrific job of capturing that spirit and serves as a great springboard into what’s happening with ncurses development at the moment.

The Galaxy S21 has already been released in markets across the world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any issues or changes that we can’t talk about. So, here’s a look at some of the changes and fixes coming to the S21.

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  • The latest Windows 11 Insider preview build 22000.100 was just released by the Redmond tech company.
  • The updated Teams experience is now available to all Windows Insiders with this new release.
  • Microsoft also released a long list of upgrades and updates that address some of the lingering issues that plagued the previous iteration.
  • This article provides all of the details about build 22000.100, including a list of known bugs.


Windows Insiders will no doubt be happy to discover that Microsoft has released yet another Insider preview build for Windows 11.

So far, we’ve learned that the prior build caused a slew of issues for us to deal with, and that it even rendered the taskbar useless for many people.

It’s now time to move on and see what build 22000.10 has in store for us from Microsoft. As we come closer to the OS’s formal launch, it will be fascinating to observe and feel how things progress.

Windows Insiders can now download Build 22000.100.

The most crucial question is: What does this new build bring to the table that isn’t already there?

Remember how we claimed that Microsoft only made the new Teams experience available to a select group of Insiders?

Everyone will be able to experience this firsthand with this new release, since the new and enhanced Teams program will be available to anyone who downloads and installs the latest software version.

Other enhancements and modifications include:

  • The hidden icons flyout in the Taskbar’s lower right has been changed to reflect Windows 11’s new looks. (Please notice that after updating to this build, it may not seem correctly; switching between two themes will fix the problem.)


  • Also included is the ability to rapidly access Focus assist settings from Notification Center.


  • When an app’s background activity requires your attention, the app will flash on the Taskbar to alert you. In Windows 11, it has been upgraded with a relaxing treatment that reduces the impact of unwelcome distractions while still grabbing your attention. After the modest flashing ends, you’ll notice a slightly red backplate and red pill under the app icon, indicating that a background activity requires your attention.


  • The size of the touch keyboard icon in the Taskbar has been modified to match the size of the other icons in the Taskbar’s corner.
  • When you click the chevron in the top corner of the Taskbar calendar flyout, it will now fully collapse to offer you more room for alerts.
  • Navigation in the new Microsoft Store feels fast and engaging with the newest Microsoft Store upgrade coming out to Insiders. You may notice some animations when you select an app or movie that you’re interested in. These animations help you maintain track of what you’re viewing.


Microsoft addressed several of the issues that were present in the prior release.

Of course, no software release would be complete without a long number of fixes, many of which are intended to address issues that were identified during the previous build’s lifespan.

Here’s what the IT behemoth was able to change:

  • Taskbar:
    • Explorer.exe no longer crashes when the date and time button on the Taskbar is touched to access fresh notifications while Focus Assist is disabled.
    • When right-clicking network, volume, or battery in the Taskbar, the missing settings icons for the context menu entries were added.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Taskbar clock to become stuck and out of sync.
    • The volume icon in the Taskbar caused an explorer.exe crash after resuming from standby, which was fixed.
    • The progress bar beneath app icons in the Taskbar was not displaying in some circumstances, thus that was fixed.
    • When you click on the Taskbar when Start or Search is open, they will now close.
    • When you tap Taskbar icons with your finger, you should see the same icon animation as when you used the mouse.
    • When the lunar calendar is activated, the text in the Taskbar calendar flyout should no longer overhang the numbers.
    • When the calendar flyout is collapsed, it should now display the right month.
    • The date at the top of the calendar flyout should now be in the format you desire, not the format that matches your display language.
    • When hovering over Task View when the Start menu is open, the window will now appear above the Start menu rather than behind it.
    • When you right-click Task View, the preview window will disappear, allowing you to use the context menu.
    • After docking and undocking, if you click on a snap group in the Taskbar, it may not bring up all of the program windows.
    • The icons for the On/Off indicators in the Pinyin IME’s Taskbar are now all the same size.
    • When you sign out and back in while the energy saver is active, the Taskbar should no longer become transparent.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the network symbol to disappear from the Taskbar on occasion.
    • After upgrading to this release, the Taskbar previews will no longer draw offscreen.
  • Settings:
    • Multiple buttons and choices in Settings, including Go Back and Reset Your PC under Recovery, activating Developer mode, renaming your PC, and allowing Remote Desktop, were not working on the previous flight.
    • The page headings in Settings should no longer draw off screen or too high up.
    • The expected Settings page should now appear when searching for add and uninstall programs in Settings.
    • Some work has been done to speed up the initialization of searches in Settings.
    • When dealing with the Windows Insider Program area in Settings, an issue that was causing crashes was fixed.
    • A bug that might cause Settings to crash on launch has been fixed.
    • In the Power and Battery Settings, an icon rendering issue was fixed.
    • The Language and Region page in Settings has been updated to fix certain issues with dependability.
    • A fix was made to help address a situation where the preview in Personalization Settings incorrectly indicated that you were using a black wallpaper when you weren’t.
    • The typeface on the Lock Screen Settings preview should now be the same as on the actual lock screen.
    • For Insiders using the Arabic display language, a fault was fixed that caused all of the icons in Quick Settings to be unexpectedly flipped.
    • The brightness slider in Quick Settings should now display a number as you adjust it, just like the volume slider.
  • Using the Using the File Explorer:
    • When using the mouse to enter the context menu in File Explorer and on the desktop, the keyboard focus rectangle should no longer appear on the initial launch (until you start using the keyboard to navigate it).
    • The context menu was tweaked in response to criticism that submenus would close unexpectedly when you tried to use them.
    • In the context menu, there was a flicker where New became New Item.
    • Submenus should no longer display half offscreen or unusually far away, thanks to some changes on the context menu positioning algorithm.
    • Fixed two bugs that affected the stability of explorer.exe when bringing up the context menu, particularly when right-clicking on a zip file.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented the Unpin from Start option from working when right-clicking an app.
  • Search:
    • A bug that caused Search’s shadow to seem boxy has been fixed.
    • When the Taskbar is left aligned, the location of the Search window has been modified to match Start.
    • There was a problem where what shown when you hovered over the Search icon in the Taskbar didn’t match what really launched when you clicked one of the entries.
    • If you’ve used Search to start webpages, they should now appear in the recent searches when you mouse over the Search icon in the Taskbar.
    • After upgrading, some Insiders were unable to see the brightness slider in Quick Settings, therefore a fix was made to solve this issue.
  • Widgets:
    • Fixed an issue that caused your widget configurations to be lost and reset unexpectedly.
    • When using several monitors, the widgets board and content should now be sized appropriately.
    • Due to authentication lingering, sign-in for widgets was not working in some instances.
    • Another patch was made to solve the clock not following your desired format in the widgets board.
  • Other:
    • For Insiders with supported hardware, Device Security should no longer claim Standard hardware security is not supported.
    • The WIN + X access keys should now appear consistently in this build (so that you can do things like WIN + X M to launch Device Manager).
    • After rebooting your PC, fingerprint sign in should no longer fail.
    • After pressing Tab then Shift + Tab, the keyboard focus will disappear from Start, causing an accessibility issue.
    • The informational pop-ups in voice typing were not dismissing on click due to a problem.
    • An infinite loop that caused some Insider devices to hang during shutdown has been fixed.
    • A change was made to solve an issue that caused the title bar to not render correctly in some apps.
    • I fixed the problem with your wallpaper flashing when switching between desktops.
    • Instead of just popping in, the snap layouts window now uses the usual animation for flyouts.
    • Sticky Notes and Microsoft To Do were occasionally crashing on launch due to a bug.
    • When switching your smartphone back and forth between landscape and portrait mode, a DWM memory leak occurred.
    • A fix was made to solve an issue where text in the message window from Windows Update notifying that an update was ready could become truncated.
    • When using high contrast, window boundaries should now be displayed correctly.
    • When you turn off Show shadows under windows under Performance Options, the shadows under the windows should now be turned off as well.
    • When using Windows with the Arabic display language, certain adjustments were made to fix an issue where context menus and tooltips appeared far away from the mouse.
    • The network icons on the lock screen and login screen were inconsistent, which was fixed.

Insider build 22000.100 has a number of known flaws.

The Redmond-based tech firm has issued a list of known concerns that may affect customers throughout the 22000.100 experience’s early stages.

The Redmond-based tech firm has issued a list of known concerns that may affect customers throughout the 22000.100 experience’s early stages.

  • [REMINDER] Some functions may be deprecated or removed when upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 or after applying an update to Windows 11. Details can be found here.
  • Start:
    • When using Search from Start or the Taskbar, you may be unable to enter text in some circumstances. If the problem persists, open the Run dialog box by pressing WIN + R on the keyboard, then dismiss it.
    • When right-clicking on the Start button (WIN + X), System and Windows Terminal are absent.
  • Taskbar:
    • When switching input methods, the Taskbar will occasionally flicker.
  • Settings:
    • A small green flash may show when you activate the Settings app.
    • The settings UI may not save the specified state when using Quick Options to adjust Accessibility settings.
    • If Windows Hello is already enabled, clicking Facial recognition (Windows Hello) under Sign-in Settings will cause a crash.
  • File Explorer:
    • When the battery charge is at 100%, Explorer.exe crashes in a loop for Insiders using the Turkish display language.
    • The context menu does not always render entirely and is occasionally truncated.
    • When you click a desktop icon or a context menu entry, you could accidentally choose the wrong thing.
  • Search:
    • The Search panel may not open after clicking the Search button on the Taskbar. If this happens, close the search panel and restart the Windows Explorer process.
    • Recent searches may not appear when you hover your mouse over the Search button on the Taskbar. Restart your computer to get around the problem.
    • The search panel may seem dark, with no content beneath the search box.
  • Widgets:
    • It’s possible that the Widgets board is empty. You can get around the problem by signing out and then back in again.
    • It’s possible that connections from the widgets board won’t bring apps to the foreground.
    • External displays may display widgets in the incorrect size. If this happens, launch the widgets on your primary monitor first, then on your secondary monitors, using touch or the WIN + W shortcut.
  • Store:
    • We’re trying to improve the Store’s search relevance, including correcting an issue where the ordering of search results is sometimes incorrect.
    • In some circumstances, the install button may not be available yet.
    • For some apps, ratings and reviews are not available.
  • Security in Windows
    • When you restart your computer, the automatic sample submission feature is abruptly disabled.
    • When attempting to sign in with Windows Hello (Face) after an upgrade, an error message stating “Something went wrong” may appear. To get around this, log in with your password or PIN and do the following:
      • Open the Device Manager program.
      • Under Biometric devices, uninstall Windows Hello Face Software Device.
    • Localization
      • Some Insiders may be missing translations from their user experience for a small subset of languages on the newest Insider Preview builds due to an issue. To see if you’ve been affected, go to this Answers forum post and follow the procedures for fixing it.

If you want to test Windows 11, you’ll need to sign up as a Windows Insider. To do so, go to Microsoft’s dedicated page and fill out the form.

Remember, as always, that your input will help Microsoft iron out the kinks in the system and provide a better experience.

Have you already installed the most recent version of Windows 11? If so, tell us about your experience so far in the comments area below.

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