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Over the last several years, modern video games have grown in prominence. With its emphasis on player interaction, modern games have created a more welcoming environment for a variety of gaming genres, while the increasing popularity of eSports have helped create a truly global gaming community. The number of gamers in the world has been steadily growing, and the industry has been doing a lot to bring games to the next level after the initial successes of the past. This has resulted in what is now a multi-million dollar industry, and it’s time to take a look at what’s new in the gaming world.

I’m one of those people who loves to live in the world of imagination, and that’s a great thing to be. However, it sometimes becomes a curse, and this is one of those times. In the world of Chivalry there are many different social classes, and sometimes it feels like you are stuck in a place where you can’t ‘travel’. The reason being you have to play as either a rich arrogant man, or a poor weak man, and that’s not an exciting way to live.

For a game that is right in the eye of the bigger Gaming News discussion, Chivalry 2 is a surprisingly quiet affair. There’s barely a mention of the title online, and when it is, it corresponds to one of the game’s less well-known features such as releasing a post-launch DLC pack of legendary swordsmen.

Nearly a decade after the release of the original game, Chivalry 2 from Torn Banner Studios brings us a new medieval extravaganza. Is this sequel a worthwhile investment, or is it better to stick with the first game? Read our review and find out.

Chivalry 2 Overview

Chivalry 2 starts with the recommendation to go through a tutorial, which you should do 100%. Here they talk a bit about both factions: Agatha and the Order of the Freemasons. The game has a plot and a story, but it all comes down to a chivalrous battle between red and blue. It’s chaotic, messy, and can be a lot of fun when you’re not being bombarded by archers. The developers tried to convey how deadly medieval jousting should be, and they largely succeeded. If you can’t stand quick and sometimes frustrating deaths, this game is not for you.

Chivalry 2 focuses on melee combat with an emphasis on countering and timing. They have three basic types of attacks: Stabbing, head-butting and punching. You can do combos with different attacks or just swipe spam, which is what most people do. In addition to swinging your weapon, you can also punch and kick to disrupt players and open up their defenses. This can work very well in a one-on-one fight, but you rarely end up in a one-on-one fight. Game modes range from 40 to 64 players, making this game the definition of chaotic battles. Expect to be stabbed in the back, shot as a team and set on fire from behind.

There are several weapons to choose from. In the beginning you have swords, shields, spikes and basic bows. As you complete more levels, you unlock new classes and weapons for your classes. Although you are encouraged to stay in a class to unlock the best weapon, you will sometimes have to switch depending on the map. You can also pick up your opponents’ weapons when they’re dead, so you can try a new weapon without having to change classes. The only downside to the class system is that they have a certain choice of weapons. For example, a heavy knight cannot start with a two-handed bow or spear, but has access to a shield.

Speaking of arches: Let’s talk about archers and what kind of kid you are when you play melee remotely. Essentially, you’re admitting that you can’t fight and that you have to sit in the back and pray that no one is directly involved in the fight. In case you didn’t already know, I hate archers in this game, and I really think they should be removed. Their number is limited, but not enough. The only fights I want to see are knights throwing their weapons at each other.

Eight maps are available at launch, with one more coming soon. Although this number seems high, the rounds go by quickly and you will see them all in a few hours. You have two types of modes: Team Deathmatch and Attack and Defense. Deadly teamfights can range from 100 to 300 kills, which means matches don’t last long. Those based on objectivity last longer – as long as the defense holds up. One drawback: if you run out of time but still approach your goal, you’ve lost. It would be better if you got bonus time as long as you advance, but that’s the way it is.

In addition to combat, you can also customize your character’s appearance and weapons. New cosmetics are unlocked by leveling up, spending in-game currency and, of course, doing microtransactions. You don’t have to spend money, but if you want to rush something, you can buy it in cash. The change was pretty well earned, but the cosmetics didn’t really interest me. The new weapon skins are great, but you’ll still be covered in blood. Honestly, sometimes I confused the blues with the reds because half the time there was a lot of blood on people. And yes, damage and team deaths are a thing in this game.

What I liked about this game are the VIP objectives. There are several maps where you have to destroy a specific person or protect a target. They make the target a player, not an NPC. Usually one of the best players becomes VIP, so the character is not immediately wiped out. However, there was one problem that prevented the VIPs from fighting back. It only happened once, but we fought to that point and lost because our Lord could not block or fight.

I also came across other bugs like respawn time reset. He went to 0 and then to 18 without me showing up. In other cases, the timer stayed on the screen while I was still alive and kept counting down. I also had a bug where I couldn’t block or attack, but it happened after climbing a staircase. AI bots can sometimes get confused and flustered. We had orders to storm the fort, and 12 of our bots were behind the walls doing nothing. I played it on PlayStation 5 and a bit on PlayStation 4. While the PlayStation 5 version worked well, it felt a bit clunky on the PlayStation 4.

Chivalry 2 is a lot improved over the original version, but there are still some bugs and glitches to be fixed. If you’re looking for medieval madness, it’s best to wait for the new patches before diving into the game.

This review of Chivalry 2 was conducted on the PlayStation 5. The numerical code was provided by the publisher.

Nearly a decade after the release of the original game, Chivalry 2 from Torn Banner Studios brings us a new medieval extravaganza. Is this sequel a worthwhile investment, or is it better to stick with the first game?

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