Choose My Adventure: The long road to starting a Star Wars Galaxies crafting empire

The whole point of having a Star Wars Galaxies is to create your own adventures, and when you combine that with the idea of crafting in a massively-multiplayer online game, you get a recipe for crafting paradise. Crafting in SWG allows you to build homes to live in and customize those homes to your liking. You can also craft items for other people to use in the game, and then sell these items to other players who need them. It’s a good system, but the trouble is that the craft skills required to make the items you want are so expensive, and the items you want are so rare, that you may never be able to end up with enough money to make the items you want to make!

When I was about 11 years old, I got my hands on an original Star Wars Galaxies game disc. I was instantly and completely hooked on the game, and began crafting items for a small fortune. I was now the proud owner of a virtual land known as Star Wars Galaxies, and I began to build my own empire.

Back in the days when Star Wars Galaxies was still in development, the SGR_Downloader website was the go-to place for fans to find any information about the game. Now that SWG is closed, the website has been taken down. But the site was so popular—and the information so well organized—that it is currently being used by fans to build out SWG crafting empires.. Read more about swg legends and let us know what you think.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Wolfy Starflight. The time I spent on the Legends Star Wars Galaxies rogue server this week confirmed yet again that something like this is an absolute marathon, even if I had to do some random measurements beforehand.

I was planning on doing some things for my new houses, as well as diving into the collecting a bit more, like finding resources and placing harvesters, but before I could really tackle any of those goals, I needed to be able to turn over the furniture that was closed after completing some collecting. It was essentially a treasure hunt where the clues were not clues, but the specific coordinates of various landscape features placed in oblique directions on almost every planet in the galaxy.

On the one hand, this really seemed unnecessary. I asked myself questions like. B. why this function needs to be locked behind object hunting when the object positions are just fully unlocked, or why I need to write a couple dozen macros to use the furniture movement functions. But then again, I’m also a -player of FFXIV, so I’m used to the fact that the furniture layout in the game isn’t particularly comfortable, and that basic quality of life functions like mowing, painting, and gear customization get stuck behind the quest line. Generally, it’s not a problem, but it’s a minor annoyance.

After visiting several cities and outposts in SWG, I decided to take a few minutes to use my newly acquired skills. I decided that I needed to start small and decorate my own home first, which meant decorating the living room a bit. Making some of the furniture wasn’t difficult because I didn’t have to worry about the quality of the materials, and the macros I wrote and added to the access area DeepL made it easy to place and arrange things the way I wanted. In fact, it’s a background feature that has made my life as a decorator easier.

For now, I have a small bookcase, a comfy couch, and even a couple of lamps that I twisted and attached to the ceiling to make some very original small chandeliers. I plan to put a long planter along the wall and maybe an aquarium, although I’m sure there will be some more tinkering with the furniture to arrange it in a way that was probably not originally intended.

But that’s part of the fun of life, and in the end it all brings me even closer to my character and my place in the game. I can’t stress enough how nice it is to return to an MMO and having access to a system like this helps me feel connected to the game. To most people that may be nothing, but to me that’s what makes the game world a world unto itself.

I could spend hours making furniture, turning it, moving it, and arranging it in (perhaps) creative ways, but my friends have told me I need to do more crafting, and while decorating a home does involve crafting in some ways, it’s time I started learning more about crafting. Since I make spaceship-related items, the first thing I did was go to the nearest bazaar terminal to try and find out what the market looked like.

After some sleuthing in the relevant sections of the bazaar, it appeared that there were not many items offered in this category, and the few items offered seemed to bring in a good amount of money. As an experiment, I put the product up for sale to see how quickly it would sell, and it ended up selling 5k quickly after just one day on the market. I don’t want to count the chickens before they hatch, but it looks like I can corner the market, or at least serve the hungry.

So now we have to look at what observers value. This prompted me to look for the usual harvesting materials. This led me back to the field to harvest, but this time with the harvesters that Bree was kind enough to let me use. I decided to study chemicals first, and that’s how I learned to use the tool SWGAide to find better varieties of this material. My research took me to Tatooine, and with the search tool I found a place with a 90% yield of resources. I eagerly pulled out my chemistry set, but I didn’t like it, as the placement grid glowed bright red.

This brought me back to Bree for another whining session (which I’m sure she loves) and another question about what I was doing wrong. Simply put, the ground was too uneven for my combine. Another minor downside is the fact that resource cards are constantly moved with each spawn, although Bree reassured me on that last point by explaining that the RNG-based resource movement prevents veterans from taking over the game. I understand that, but it means I’m stuck with manual scanning for a while.

The next day, Bree informed me of the discovery of a juicy aluminum, which Ade said was a useful material for making spacecraft engines and thrusters. Moreover, this spring was located on a much flatter terrain. She also taught me how to position combines; planting at 90% yield is not always the only solution, as these machines take up large amounts of material. To that end, I went to the place she had discovered, successfully installed my combine, started it, paid the rent, and now quietly raked together huge piles of produce. I now understand where Bree got the mass of material she passed on to me to make her own stuff.

These are the first steps in a grand plan, and it’s all starting to make sense in my head. I will soon be working on setting up my own factories, creating schedules for items and running batches of parts in the factory. And even though I don’t touch anything anymore due to the automation of things like factories and harvesters, I still want to keep growing my business in the game. I am starting to feel at home again in the world of SWG Legends . It’s only a combine. There are only a few things for sale. There are only four pieces of furniture. But for me, they allow me to take root in the world of the game and take root.

Now let’s talk about the polls. Last week’s poll was 50/50 for SWG to have more crafting and spaceships, so I think ignoring those calls to write about the experience would be bad, so I’ll do it next week. Yes, I’ve already written that my time in this game is coming to an end, but I think I can get another week out of it. All the more reason for me to make use of it!

As for next month’s match, this did match ended in a draw between Wakfu and PlanetSide 2. After consulting with a friend who plays PS2a lot, I got the impression that this game could barely fill a single paragraph, let alone an entire column, so I’m putting that choice aside for now and focusing instead on Wakfu. However, I can always bring PS2 back to the forefront if things stagnate in Wakfu . Meanwhile, it’s time to choose my first class in Wakfu.


As always, voting ends at 1pm. EDT, next Friday, 2. July. Until then, I have to take care of the combine, scout the market and arrange the furniture. In short, I’m sure I’ll be busy.

Welcome to Choose My Adventure, where each week you’ll travel with Chris to mystical lands to experience fantastic adventures and decide his fate. That’s good, because he’s often indecisive, except when he orders a burger.

ViewI have spent the last month or so playing Star Wars Galaxies, and I have to say I am truly excited about the direction the game is taking. In fact, I have an article in the works that I am dying to share, but for now I’d like to tell you about something else that is exciting me quite a bit.. Read more about swg resources and let us know what you think.

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