Co-op shooter Aliens Fireteam Elite announces an August 24 launch date, confirms lack of cross-platform play

Aliens Fireteam Elite, a co-op first-person shooter for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, has announced an August 24 release date and confirmed that the game will not feature cross-platform play with its Xbox One and PC counterparts.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a cooperative multiplayer FPS shooter that is set on the Sevastopol Station and the surrounding area. The game features a wide variety of enemy types and environments, and expands upon the popular Aliens universe with new stories, characters, weapons, and events. The game has been in development since 2012, and has been recently revealed to have a release date of August 24, 2017.

In March, we finally heard that Cold Iron Studios’ long-promised MMOFPS based on the Alien franchise was indeed available (after surviving acquisitions of Daybreak and EG7 Global), in the form of Aliens:. Fireteam, a cooperative shooter in which teams of players explore maps and take on waves of Xenomorphs.

Since then, a preview video and an interview have been released, but otherwise the game has remained a bit quiet. Today that silence has been broken, as the game launched on June 24. August announced. Shooter – now called Aliens:. Fireteam Elite – you can pre-order it now and get a bunch of bonuses in return, and you can check out the new gameplay trailer.

That’s the good news: The bad news is that Cold Iron Studios CEO Craig Zinkiewicz has confirmed that there will be no multiplatform game at launch. Although Zinkiewicz confirmed that there won’t be a cross-platform game, there will be a cross-platform game on different generations of consoles, in other words: PS4 and PS5 players will be able to compete against each other, and XBox One and Series X/S players will be able to compete against each other. Additionally, Zinkiewicz said that no cross-platform game will be made at this time, but that the possibility remains open to add this feature once the game launches.



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