Competitive MMO Lands of Kehliel posts slow but sure progress on its first match

Kehliel was fired up after they got a chance to take on my team in the Co-Op tournament at the Gamer’s Open last month. They seemed excited about the idea of playing in a tournament, and we had a great time playing with them. Our game plan was to use a build that had us doing a lot of damage to the core, while also protecting many of our troops. We successfully turned a few waves of their troops against them, while also splitting up our own. We built up our defenses, and after the first round of combat, were able to crack open their base.

Lands of Kehliel (LoK) is a competitive first-person shooter that was announced last year as a multiplayer-focused game with a focus on realism. LoK combines the best features of standard FPS games with a lore that is steeped in real-world history; the game’s multiplayer maps and characters will be based on actual locations, dates, and events that occurred in the ancient Near East, including Mount Helicon, the Battle of Megiddo, and the Siege of Masada.

The MMO world is entering a new era as new platforms such as the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles become available. The latest console launch has attracted some big-name MMO developers, including Trion Worlds founders Scott Hartsman and Steve Bellicose, who have decided that the newest consoles will host competitive games for the first time. The only question is whether or not these games will be online-only, like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2, or will be like so many other MMOs where players can play competitively offline.. Read more about mmorpg meaning and let us know what you think.


Do you recall Kehliel’s Lands? It first came across our desk in November of last year, promising a competitive open world MMORPG experience in which four teams of four players fight monsters and each other, craft with soul shards from slain players, and race to complete quests that can only be taken by one player at a time in limited-time ā€œjourneys.ā€ The developers at Hitwave Studios had intended to launch a Kickstarter shortly at the time of first news, but according to a blog post from May, they are having difficulty obtaining funding for the game, and no Kickstarter has been announced.

This brings us to the game’s most current dev blog, which assures fans that work is proceeding as planned, although “slowly (but definitely) owing to a lack of fundings.” The developers are now working on various elements of the MMO’s combat system as well as the first adventure, dubbed “The Tale of the Golden Apple of Wisdom,” in which players will be charged with retrieving the eponymous item from the clutches of “The Evil One.” There’s also a sneak peek of the Inkarnate map that shows where this trip will take place.


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