Creative Assembly says Total War: ROME 2 was a

Creative Assembly has released its latest Total War: ROME 2 trailer, the first in what they hope will be a series of videos that reveal more of the game’s features.

Creative Assembly’s Creative Assembly has revealed via their site that the upcoming Total War: ROME II game will be getting a total of nine major free updates, beginning with the release of the Cursus Honorum campaign pack in September 2013.

Creative Assembly believes the people are the stars of Total War: ROME 2, and they’ve been hard at work making it the epic conclusion of the ROME series. Now, Creative Assembly has revealed that Total War: ROME 2 is the best selling game in the series to date, so it’s clear that the people are still the stars, and that the game turns out to be a bright star in the battle for military strategy.

“We’ve discussed it a lot, naturally. Over and over again. You can’t deny that it let down some of the core fans who wanted something different” said Gaspar. “If there were fewer bugs and people were less upset about them, I think it would have had a better outcome. It’s not a bad game and it wasn’t a bad game.”

Gaspar also said that Creative Assembly is proud of Total War: Rome 2, and feels that it’s one of the “best Roman-themed games you can play”.

“Time has shown that Total War went in the right direction, the results of the whole journey got us to the WARHAMMER trilogy and to THREE KINGDOMS. It was a steppingstone to get where we are, I think.” Gaspar continued.

Total War: WARHAMMER 3 is the next game in the series, which is currently set to release later this year, at which point we’ll also probably learn a bit more about the next historical game Creative Assembly is working on.

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