Crimson Desert, originally set to launch this year, posts mocap video

After the tease at E3, a first look at the upcoming game Crimson Desert mocapped for the Playstation VR and shown off a new trailer:

We’ve shown you the first video of Crimson Desert, the science fiction RPG that was originally developed to be released this year. This video shows the first person view of the day-night cycle. The game’s setting features a desert planet that is gradually being terraformed by human colonists. It’s estimated that the planet is roughly 2.5% complete for getting a city into orbit, so the game will go online to allow players to explore the world and tackle quests.

One of the biggest MMOs we’ve been waiting for to launch this year still hasn’t moved much, and that’s Crimson Desert. MMO fans will remember that Pearl Abyss is working on a multiplayer MMO that’s sort of a spin-off of Black Desert; it was announced in late 2019, but we didn’t get a big reveal of the game until last December, when Pearl Abyss released a gameplay trailer describing it as a massive open-world adventure game with both single-player and multiplayer content, which kind of killed any dreams of a pure MMORPG for this game. It will also appear on PC in the winter of 2021.

But this week, the game’s social media account came to life, with posting a remarkable video in which the game’s cast can be seen at work in Pearl Abyss’ newly expanded motion capture facility, which is equipped with over 120 cameras to capture the best feel and angles of the action. If the team is still in the modeling phase, a winter 2021 release seems unlikely. But if they keep releasing videos like this, we might not mind the wait. That’s not to say it hasn’t been a busy year for MMOs.

#CrimsonDesertActors hard at work in the newly expanded Pearl Abyss motion capture facility, equipped with more than 120 cameras to capture the best feels and angles

– Crimson Desert (@CrimsonDesert_) June 30, 2021

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