Criteria for Choosing the Finest Slot Machines

The variety of gaming offers in online gambling establishments often confuses both novice players and professionals. The first have no idea what criteria to pay attention to when choosing the ideal game. And the latter is simply too selective due to their accumulated experience. The key tip for both is to try playing the best slot machines at a reliable online casino, like slots charm casino. Still, it’s worth paying attention to all the basic parameters before picking a great option, even in the most popular and trusted online platforms.

Today, let’s look at the key criteria for choosing the perfect slot.

Software from trusted manufacturers

One of the main criteria is the reliability of the development company. Therefore, when deciding on a slot machine, the novice and experienced player should be aware of popular brands that have gained the respect of the audience with their quality products. Trusting unknown manufacturers is not the best option. After all, it’s hard to expect a high percentage of returns and stable, and most importantly, honest, performance from such machines.

The list of reputable developers includes:

  • Novomatic Gaminator (Greentube);
  • BetSoft;
  • Net Entertainment;
  • Booongo;
  • Mega Jack;
  • Playtech;
  • Aceking;
  • Microgaming;
  • Playson;
  • And others.

That is, for those companies whose software is successfully audited for integrity, their products are always available at a wide range of licensed online casinos and can be fully trusted.

RTGs and variance in slot machines

Before choosing a slot machine from a provider’s website, players should also find out more about basic aspects such as volatility (variance) and percentage return (RTG). The latter aspect is usually specified by the provider (the higher, the better!), but you should still find out what variance is before you start your search. Simply put, it’s a degree of risk that reflects how often you lose your winnings and the value of those winnings.

In online casino slots, the variance can be different, reflecting the different performance of the games:

  • Low variance – where small casino winnings are commonplace;
  • Games with a medium variance – where the odds of winning big and small prizes are equal;
  • High casino variance – with infrequent winnings, but with the possibility of winning a huge jackpot instantly.

The most popular option in online casinos are machines with medium variance. And such games are the most convenient to play because they don’t mean big losses and sometimes allow you to stay in the sure-fire plus.

Number of lines

This point is also important because entertainment with a small number of winning lines is not interesting and not very generous in terms of payouts—optimal number – from 9 to 21. However, today providers are increasingly preferring to expand not only the prize lines in the usual sense but also actively apply options to create a larger number of payable combinations from one set of symbols. Their number in some machines reaches 1024.

As for the so-called “three and five-line” classic machines, the slots with these parameters are also worth the emphasis. For a change – feel the retro atmosphere and appreciate the benefits of modern software.

Bonus and jackpot availability

When choosing a slot machine, experienced and novice players alike almost always pay attention to whether or not the slot features special symbols, bonus rounds and increasing jackpots, which makes sense because the standard spins quickly become boring. The most popular symbols today are the traditional Wild, which completes combinations and Scatter, which triggers free spins without hitting any active lines. And then there’s the Bonus, which allows you to trigger a number of themed mini-games.

If in the case of bonuses all is clear – to play on such slots is much more interesting, then with the jackpot situation is not so unambiguous. Many casino customers are attracted to the possibility of winning a large jackpot, but in pursuit of it, they often spend all their money. The situation is similar to the highly scattered programs, so those who choose a slot machine based on large winnings can be advised to observe the golden mean rule and not to choose slots with the maximum jackpots.

Demo version

Today, increasingly, online casinos offer players to try entertainment in demo mode, and this makes sense. Such games help you try most of the site’s offerings, with no risk of financial loss on the part of the player. Plus, if you can try the game without losing money, you can get absolutely free reassurance of the quality of this or that slot, as well as see all the available options for winning.

It’s a great chance to get everything you want and for the casino itself, to gain new customers.

Choosing the best slot machine is not only a great way to enjoy an exceptionally enjoyable experience and an infinite number of chances to win, but it’s also a good way to keep your money and security safe. Plus, this is a way to have an exceptionally positive gambling experience in parallel, charging your entire body with a dose of adrenaline and incredible emotions.

But before you give in to temptation, remember that you have a responsibility to choose a decent slot, so you should approach this issue as responsibly as possible.

Greg Baskerville
Greg Baskerville
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