Crowfall plans scoring and reward changes for Conquest campaigns

Last week, we published a blog post titled “Crowfall Plans Scoring and Reward Changes for Conquest Campaigns” that outlined some of the planned changes we are working on for the game’s Conquest campaigns that will be going in this October.

One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard over the years from our fans has been that they felt the current Conquest rewards didn’t equate to the amount of time and effort they have to put into playing. This is a problem that has been on our radar for a long time, and we’re making this year’s changes based on that feedback.


ArtCraft released Crowfall’s first major patch since launch this week, bringing 3v3 faction PvP online and putting the bigger Dregs campaigns online as the initial campaigns came to an end. However, there have been some issues with the implementation.

“We decided to postpone distribution of the Conquest portion of prizes to give our team time to examine the data after players reported a problem in the Conquest scoring system late in the campaign,” the studio says.

“As the campaign came to a close, we announced a modification to the score system in order to prevent future misuse. Following additional analysis of the statistics and associated player comments, we have decided to go ahead and award all of the Conquest prizes that were initially given in the campaign to all winning guild leaders, ensuring that no player guilds were denied benefits earned throughout the campaign. This week, the prizes will be given. As a general rule, we prefer not to disrupt ongoing campaigns, preferring to let them run their course and then concentrate on making rule or reward adjustments thereafter. However, if we believe anything is having a major negative effect on our players or is endangering the game’s security or economics, our team will intervene. It was one of those situations.”

According to ArtCraft, qualifying for conquest prizes now requires 100 conquest points, and Shadow campaign payouts have been nerfed to “about half the current level live.” The company also mentions that it’s continuing to ramp up its marketing efforts with advertising and Twitch broadcasting, and that it just started a recruitment drive.


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