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Last week, I wrote a post about how the duchies work in Crusader Kings 3: a quick summary is that each duchy occupies a certain area of a region map, and has a bonus to renown and taxes, and a penalty to militancy. And that’s it. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how duchies actually work, and this post will explain it in detail.

When creating a duchy building, there are a number of intricate details that must be taken into account, such as the size of the building, whether it be a castle, a hall, or a village. The amount of land it will occupy will also affect the size of the building, and the cost of the land.

word-image-9710 Buildings are a great way to ensure the long-term prosperity and security of your kingdom in Crusader Kings 3. There are a number of them, and especially in the beginning you need to think carefully about which structure you want to build when, as this can put pressure on your cash flow. That’s why it’s easy to overlook the buildings in Duchy , which are more specialized than their usual counterparts but offer pretty big bonuses. Duchy buildings in CK3 are a way to specialize your kingdom, and it’s pretty hard to say any of them are the best. You can improve many aspects, from the size of the levy to the damage of individual units and the amount of taxes you receive from your subjects. word-image-9711 word-image-9712 Each duchy has a de jure capital, and each capital has an additional building site within its barony. You can identify these baronies by switching to ducal title card mode and looking for the shield symbols. Remember to click on the barony behind it, not the icon itself. This lock is marked by a gold outline and four arrows in each corner pointing inward. Only Duchy title holders can build and use Duchy buildings in Crusader Kings 3. And to make them, you must first unlock certain innovations. If you have too many duchies, your vassals can inflict severe penalties on you, and you’ll probably be limited to a few for most of the game. Wars and successions can also cause you to lose duchy buildings, but this is a normal part of the game, especially in the beginning. Duchy buildings in Crusader Kings 3 are built for 5 years by default. You start at level 1 and can climb to level 3 with increasing bonuses of 300, 400 and 500 gold pieces respectively. Here are the benefits they offer, as of Azure Patch 1.4. Kingdom modifiers apply to the owner of the farm where the duchy building is built. Duchy customizations affect all farms in a given duchy, while farm customizations only affect the farm where the duchy building is located.

Archery plate

Realm Modifier

  • Increases the damage and stamina of archers.
  • Increases damage, stamina, defense and location of the shooter.
  • Reduces maintenance of soldiers


Realm Modifier

  • Increases the damage and endurance of spear infantry.
  • Increases the damage and endurance of heavy infantry.
  • Reduces maintenance of soldiers

Judo equipment

Realm Modifier

  • Increases the damage and endurance of heavy cavalry.
  • Increases damage, endurance, defense and pursuit of light cavalry.
  • Reduces maintenance of soldiers

Leisure centres

Realm Modifier

  • Increases monthly prestige
  • Accelerates stress reduction
  • Increases the chances of success of your own enemy’s plan.
  • Increases the chance of success of your personal project

Duchy amend

  • One-time increase with the District’s monthly benchmark increase.
  • Rate of increase of the district’s base growth rate


Duchy amend

  • Increase of delivery time
  • Increase level gain
  • Increases the size of the garrison
  • Increases the time of enemy raids (slower raids)
  • Increases the advantage of the defender
  • Raises the level of the fort

Military academies

Realm Modifier

  • Increases the limit of knights
  • Increases the efficiency of the knight
  • Reduction of military expenditure

Royal Armouries

Duchy amend

Royal Reserves

Duchy amend

  • Greater development
  • Growth of public opinion

Maintain modifier

Siege work

Realm Modifier

  • Increases the effectiveness of siege weapons
  • Increases the endurance of siege weapons

Duchy Guide

Tax audits

Duchy amend As we said before, it’s hard to point out one building as the best, as each building fits a certain playstyle and can be a good answer to situations you didn’t expect at the beginning of the game. However, in the beginning it can be tempting to get extra strong knights in military academies, as they play an important role in wars. But your relatively flat progression doesn’t allow you to use your growth effectively. Also worth mentioning are the royal arsenals, which increase the number of Levites throughout the duchy by 20/30/40%, providing thousands of additional troops. The Levitical units are not the best, but they make up the majority of all armies. So, if you get an extra guaranteed castle or more valuable possessions, you can give the rebel henchmen a break. Here’s what you need to know about the Duchy buildings in Crusader Kings 3. For more help with the game, check out our dynasty and innovation guides. The original article was written by Matthew Ralphson, with later additions by Bogdan Robert Matesch. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build a duchy building?

I’ve been playing Crusader Kings 3 for a while now and I’ve been mostly satisfied with what the game has to offer. I like the game’s political system and I love the way it allows you to manage characters and estates. There are some flaws, of course, but nothing that would prevent me from recommending it to others. Duchy buildings in Crusader Kings 3 are unlocked at the same time as the duchies that they represent, which unlocks them at the same time. As such, there is no real difference between building a duchy and building a duchy building until you begin to fill that duchy, and you will need to keep doing that indefinitely to get as many duchies as possible. This post will detail how to build a duchy building and unlock it.

How do you build a holding in Crusader Kings 3?

Each time you play Crusader Kings 2, you create a new game world. It’s not just a bunch of countries that are spread across a map, but a whole world that you can look at. As you play, you will explore new areas, make new friends, have children, and eventually die. On the Crusader Kings subreddit, users constantly ask [1] people who are experienced in a certain aspect of the game (e.g. in-game diplomacy, war management, etc.) to give an opinion about it, and [2] experienced players to go over and write a guide about it. This guide will focus on how to build a holding! ** Link to other blog posts: 1 2 **

Do buildings stack ck3?

When I was playing Crusader Kings 2 , I was quite annoyed by the fact that many buildings had a high upkeep cost, but also usually had a price tag that was tens of thousand of gold. This meant that if I had an army, and decided to make a castle or a keep, I had to spend a lot of money upfront, and then make a lot of money by collecting taxes. I always found this to be crazy, and very unbalanced. What’s the biggest question about the new Crusader Kings 3 DLC? How many buildings can you build in your duchy? How many can you build for a character? What happens when you try to put structures in a location that is already filled with buildings?

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