DC Universe Online’s next update arrives to PTS with a new social hub, endgame tweaks, and an allies system

The folks over at DC Universe Online are hard at work on its next update, DC Universe Online: Champions. The patch is being deployed on the Public Test Server today, so for the next few days, you can go test and report bugs on PTS. And if you were among those who have been playing DCUO recently, you may have noticed that there are some major changes being made to the public chat feature, the key to communicating with your DCUO friends.

The DC Universe Online team kicks off the month of May by releasing a new PVP map to the PTS: the Crooked Kingdom. This fast-paced map allows players to team up to take on their rivals in a clash of unmatched power! The game’s social hub has also undergone a number of tweaks, which will help you find and play with your friends in the DCUO community. And, on the final day of the month, we’ve got some endgame changes coming your way that will make it easier than ever to complete your quest and reach the end of the game!

Today, we’re excited to announce the next update for DC Universe Online, the last major update which will be deployed to our PC teammates this year, and to our PlayStation team in early 2018. This update was announced back in April, and it’s a pretty big one, introducing a new social hub, endgame tweaks, and a new allies system. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s the rundown of what’s new:. Read more about dc universe online and let us know what you think.


Remember how DC Universe Online stated its August update would be a “major change” from its previous episode formats? If that (along with the rest of the episode’s planned features) sparked your attention, now is the time for players to go over to the PTS and check out the forthcoming House of Legends update.

The new House of Legends social center, which both heroic and evil characters may use, will be the main focus of the episode, as the title suggests. Six endgame tiers have been rebuilt under the new-and-improved On-Duty menu, and the first of three Save the Universe releases, which provides classic material scaled up to endgame levels, are among the new features in the update. On the topic of scaling, the new episode fine-tunes scale for items like Skill Points, Artifacts, Augments, the early endgame, and more.

Finally, the update adds an allies system that allows players to acquire and summon DC heroes like the Flash, Professor Zoom, Oracle-Bot, and Calculator-Bot, all of whom may be leveled up with resources. As one would imagine, these materials will be more easily accessible in the PTS, and testers will want to go through some particular instructions and extra update information.

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