DDOS Attacks See Titanfall 2 Players Having to Deal With

After several months of development, Titanfall 2, which is scheduled for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, was finally released on March 13. One of the most popular multiplayer FPS games, gamers have been waiting to get their hands on the game ever since its first announcement. In fact, the release of the game’s first DLC, known as “Titanfall 2: Expedition”, was delayed by two weeks after the game’s servers crashed following the launch.

Titanfall 2’s release was recently marred by a DDoS attack that causes the servers to crash, leaving many players unable to play the multiplayer shooter. The DDOS attack hit just days before the game was set to launch, and has since been referenced as the cause of the game’s rocky launch.

It’s been a tough few months for Titanfall 2 players. The first-person shooter regularly suffered DDOS attacks, causing servers to become unstable and players to have trouble connecting to games. One of those attacks took place today, causing some players to think the game’s servers were down.

While this may seem a little disconcerting, there is a reason for this (momentary) panic. The original Titanfall remained unplayable on PC for a long time for a similar reason.

As explained in a post on the game’s official Reddit, the servers in the original Titanfall have known, unpatched security vulnerabilities that allow hackers to crash servers and individual players, and in fact fill up all the servers, preventing people from playing at all.

For example, the Save Titanfall campaign has been launched, which is trying to get the attention of developer Respawn Entertainment, according to the website. In the case of the original, this only happens on the PC. However, Titanfall 2’s server instability and service interruptions are affecting players on both PC and consoles.

Developer Respawn Entertainment acknowledged the problems in early April and promised the community help as soon as possible, and again in May.

A permanent solution to Titanfall and Titanfall 2’s server instability has yet to be found, hence this month’s Apex Legends hack, which has drawn even more attention to the Save Titanfall campaign.

The problem is not consciousness. The fact is that DDoSing in particular is just a hard problem to solve. It’s really hard, tweeted Respawn Entertainment’s director of communications, Ryan C. Rigney, . As a result of the robbery, he had to return to work and missed a day with his family.

The recent attack on Titanfall 2 did not crash the servers or even crash them as badly as the original game.

At the time of writing, Steam reports 6,000 players in the game, though posts on Valve’s platform and on Reddit indicate that some players are still having trouble logging into games. It’s also unclear whether the hacker had any intentions other than to piss people off and ruin an excellent multiplayer game.

Part of the reason for Respawn Entertainment’s slow response is the difficulty in dealing with these types of attacks. However, community coordinator Jason Garza said in a YouTube video (via MP1st.com) that only one or two people, , since the rest of the team is focused on Apex Legends, are working on Studio.

Battle Royale’s server problems, caused by the recent hack, were resolved within a day. It’s also not uncommon for a studio to transfer most of its staff to a new – and very popular – project. Still, Titanfall 2’s unresolved DDOS issues could shorten the game’s lifespan, which was set when it was released on Steam late last year, and disappoint the franchise’s rather dedicated community.

The team has never stopped working on solutions to combat DDoS, and fraud prevention is simply a war without end, Rigney added. We can only hope that Titanfall fans won’t have to wait long for a fix.

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