Distant Worlds 2 Places More Emphasis on Story Than Its

Distant Worlds 2 is a sequel to Distant Worlds: Universe, the 2004 game that was a pioneer in the style of storytelling in a space game. Distant Worlds 2 takes the space game into the realm of the narrative, with a storyline that takes players to the far reaches of space: to the farthest reaches of human colonisation, with a focus on the dramatic and compelling story elements that have become the hallmark of the series.

This week’s “Distant Worlds 2” trailer, which debuted this week, makes it very clear that this game is more about stories than it is about the gameplay itself. The trailer showcases a plethora of gameplay scenes that start with humans and ends with the destruction of their home planet.

In a press release posted today, developer Novaquark has revealed that its upcoming space RPG, Distant Worlds II, has been placed on a two-week development delay, with a new release date now scheduled for early next year.

Distant Worlds 2 Places More Emphasis on Story Than Its Predecessor, But Won't Force You Through It

In their second development diary, publisher Slitherine and developer Code Force revealed additional information about the forthcoming 4X strategy game Distant Worlds 2, stating that it would have more narrative material than its predecessor.

Humans, Ackdarians, Mortalen, Haakonish, Zenox, Boskara, and Teekan, among the seven playable factions in Distant Worlds 2, will get extended main and faction storylines based on their unique playstyles and roles in the mythology.

Distant Worlds 2 Places More Emphasis on Story Than Its Predecessor, But Won't Force You Through It

Distant Worlds 2 Places More Emphasis on Story Than Its Predecessor, But Won't Force You Through It

“This is a major effort above and beyond anything Distant Worlds: Universe had, involving the creation of a new story and event system that allows us to do much more than we could in the past, including event and story choices (and this is all also open to players and modders who wish to tinker and use the system for their own stories),” reads developer diary 2.

“Each Faction in Distant Worlds 2 represents a certain playstyle by default. The Mortalen, for example, are ‘Disciplined Warriors,’ which means their faction narrative and faction win conditions will likely to reinforce and reward that playstyle.”

Their main narrative “will disclose some facts about the Ancient galaxy and what occurred in the past,” while the faction story “will concentrate on events involving the faction itself,” all while bringing players to “unique and rewarding places.”

Despite the developer’s investment in the story, both the main and faction tales, as well as a slew of other elements, may be turned off during galaxy creation. The aim, as stated by the developers, is to “let you to play the game your way.”

Aside from the narrative material in Distant Worlds 2, developer diary 2 also goes over the hazards that await players throughout the galaxy, from good old pirates to dangerous space monsters.

Distant Worlds 2 doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can keep up with it on Steam and watch the latest teaser, which features the Mortalen, below.

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In the past week, I have had multiple conversations with friends and colleagues about the launch of “Distant Worlds: Universe” and the fact that it is a sequel to “Distant Worlds”. Some thought it was a bad idea. Others thought it was great. Some thought that the game is doomed to failure and its failure would put the entire genre of “RPG” games in jeopardy. Some thought that the game would be a niche game, but that it would be the one game that would show everybody that the genre is still alive and well.. Read more about distant worlds 2 game release date and let us know what you think.

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