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You can collect the most amazing Dark Alliance figures, but can you tell the stories of them? The original game was an underground success in the 2000s, and was later made into a movie. Some of the hottest collector’s items have been created by combining figures from the game with new artwork, making them incredible pieces of art. The figures have also been used in popular TV shows today. There are great new figurines available, and old favorites are being re-released in new ways.

What’s a geek’s favorite pastime? You guessed it–expanding the walls of his home. Whether it’s a sprawling mansion or an underground lair, the idea of a home that’s bigger than the real world is a fantasy of the nerd in all of us. Collectibles of the Dungeon and Dragon variety are the perfect way to populate that fantasy world, and the possibilities are endless.

In my article last week, I talked about how this week is the release of the Dark Alliance Collection, which is a 4-CD pack featuring the Original Soundtrack, Dark Alliance – The Dark Alliance Soundtrack, The Dark Alliance 2 Soundtrack, and Dark Alliance – Hell Unleashed Soundtrack. I have not heard the albums but I can’t wait to hear the music.

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23. June 2021

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See Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Collectibles full guide locations so you can find 100% of all Dungeons and Dragons : Dark Alliance collectibles such as attribute points, toms and tablets in the new action-RPG on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

There’s a lot to collect, and for every new discovery you make, you’ll be rewarded in the game.

Table of contents

  • Dungeons and Dragons: List of Black Alliance collectibles
    • Collect objects for the level Goblins at the gates.
    • Collectibles from the Duergar room level
    • Bangor collectibles span plane
    • Goblin Valley Animal Collections
    • Collectibles from the Goffin gate level
    • Goblin Shard Level Collectibles

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance Collectibles List

Goblins at the Gate Collectibles Level

Gobelins at the Gate Collectible Timeline:

  • 00:07 – Tom 1/3
  • 00:40 – tablet 1/3
  • 01:01 – Tablet 2/3
  • 01:33 – Attributes update
  • 02:35 – Pill 3/3
  • 04:20 – Toma 2/3
  • 05:02 – Tom 3/3


D&D Dark Alliance – Goblins at the Gate – A guide to all the collectible locations.

Halls Duergar Collectibles Level

Duergar Timeline Room collection:

  • 00:07 – tablet 1/3
  • 00:52 – Tablet 2/3
  • 01:27 – Toma 1/3
  • 02:06 – Pill 3/3
  • 4:02 PM – New administrator of Ambrosia is appointed
  • 03:43 – Tom 2/3
  • 04:20 – Toma 3/3


D&D Dark Alliance – The halls of Duergar – Guide to all collectible locations.

Bangor Spannebene Collection

Bangor Collector:

  • 00:07 – tablet 1/3
  • 00:56 – Tablet 2/3
  • 01:36 – Redemption 1/1
  • 02:04 – Pill 3/3
  • 02:59 – Tom 1/2
  • 03:43 – Tom 2/2


D&D Dark Alliance – Bangor’s Span All Collectibles Location Guide

Goblin Valley LevelCollectibles

Goblin Valley Collector Timeline:

  • 00:07 – Pill 1/5
  • 00:27 – Tablet 2/5
  • 02:23 – Toma 1/1
  • 03:04 – Pill 3/5
  • 03:43 – Tablet 4/5
  • 04:01 – Attribute point
  • 04:47 – Pill 5/5


D&D Dark Alliance – Valley of the Goblins – Guide to all the collectors locations.

Goffin Gate Collectibles Level

Goffin’s Door Collectibles Timeline:

  • 00:07 – tablet 1/3
  • 00:55 – Tablet 2/3
  • 01:32 – Toma 1/1
  • 11:00 AM – New Ambriz administrator sworn in
  • 04:06 – Pill 3/3


D&D Dark Alliance – Goffin’s Door – A guide to all the gathering locations.

Collectable Goblin Shards level

Goblin Shard Collection Timeline:

  • 00:07 – Tablet 1/4
  • 00:35 – Toma 1/1
  • 01:14 – Relief 1/1
  • 01:41 – Tablet 2/4
  • 02:06 – Tablet 3/4
  • 02:44 – Tablet 4/4


D&D Dark Alliance – Goblin’s Shard All collectible slots.

Work in progress]

Credit: Dungeons & Dragons & GameGuidesChannel

Which collectibles do you hunt in Dungeons & Dragons:. Dark Alliance?


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