EA is testing transparent lockboxes in a FIFA game

EA has been playing around with transparent lockboxes in FIFA 18, a new mode of play in the game. The mode sees you competing against other users in a series of matches that all take place in the same virtual stadium. Instead of the traditional “capture the trophy” mode, the mode sees you both trying to score as many goals as possible.

Electronic Arts, the best-known of the EA Sports game publishers, is testing transparent lockboxes in its FIFA 18 soccer game. The company will feature the feature in approximately two-thirds of its stadiums for the upcoming game. The lockboxes, which are transparent so that you can see what’s inside, will also have a mechanism to determine whether the player locked inside the box is the ball’s holder or a player from the opposing team.

EA’s FIFA series is one of the biggest sports games in the world, and this year the company is bringing their highly-anticipated game to PCs, too. However, not everyone is getting the same experience. In fact, some users have reported being locked out of the game, and since FIFA is a multiplayer game, these lockouts can be frustrating and cause disruption across the entire community. This is a problem that EA would like to fix, and is working on integrating a unique solution to make sure that no one has to experience the lockouts.. Read more about electronic arts and let us know what you think.

Remember two years ago when the ESA announced a new, non-binding policy for the US gaming industry that would theoretically encourage game makers to follow the then-existing trend of disclosing the likelihood of hidden items in game boxes, loot boxes, and lockboxes? We were all rather skeptical of the outcome of this initiative, as not only was it not mandatory, but it seemed to be an attempt to divert attention from the government regulations that were in development before the pandemic derailed everything. In fact, ESA almost immediately began using this policy as a shield to meet the government’s demands, even though nothing concrete had actually been developed, programmed, implemented, or accomplished. Predictable, right?

Two years later, many of those who signed the new policy have still done nothing to curb their overplaying. But one of EA’s games is finally ready to embrace the transparent locks we’ve seen in MMOs since at least 2017. The game in question is FIFA Ultimate Team, which apparently tests game boxes that show players what they can potentially win before they buy.

Until the end of the FUTball Festival campaign, all FUT packs on sale in the FUT Store will be preview packs. While the names of the packages will probably look familiar to you, they will work differently than other packages you may have already encountered. In the package overview, you can see the different elements of this package before you decide whether to buy it. Packs that you don’t get directly from the FUT Store, such as Divisional Rival rewards or those you get by completing tasks or SBCs, will not be preview packs and will continue to work as they do now. […] If you decide to purchase the preview pack with FUT coins or FIFA points, you will go through a new in-game feed. This feed will show you the specific items contained in the pack before you have a chance to pick it up.

This is a big surprise from a company that has tried to cloak game boxes in unexpected mechanics that give players a sense of pride and accomplishment. As we have noted in the past, disclosure of potential winnings and odds obviously reduces fraud, but it hardly solves the problems associated with gambling. Dom always wins, and if he didn’t win, he wouldn’t be running the game – he’d just sell you the thing. It’s best not to play.

ViewThe future of sports games has arrived! No longer will fans have to watch their favorite players from the outside, now they can watch from the inside and see what’s going on in their favorite players lives. We have already seen the technology in action in FIFA ’16, and now it has made its way to “FIFA” 18. We have been able to watch the players live and authenticate them using our EA ID. The players living in the house will have their own wardrobe and activities to do.. Read more about ea sports loot boxes and let us know what you think.

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