EVE Online dishes out skillpoints for Amarr Foundation Day, EVE Echoes celebrates first birthday

This week CCP released a new patch to EVE Online, and to celebrate the occasion, every player has received a free skill point in each of their main skills. This means that, should you be lucky enough to be a rifter pilot, you can now finally do some proper damage.

The Amarr are known for their formidable fleet of ships and pilots. Since their inception in 2003 as part of the Great War, the Amarr Empire has grown into the greatest power in the cluster. The Amarr have also become a beacon of stability in a cluster that is experiencing an increasingly destabilized environment with Mittani, Pandemic Horde, and Northern Coalition.

The Amarr Foundation Day is a yearly event that happens on the 21st of September. On this day, all capsuleers in the New Eden cluster receive a special event capsuleer title, a special skill point gain bonus, and limited use of the skill point bonus boost. In celebration of this event, the Amarr Empire has announced that they will be giving out skill points in the form of a special event currency, called Battlecruisers.


If you’re disappointed with the de facto conclusion of World War Bee 2 in EVE Online, CCP Games has a more organized event planned for you. The studio states, “Today, the holy Amarr people join together to celebrate the holiness of Amarr Foundation Day, commemorating Prophet Dano Gheinok’s building of the first Amarr church.” “The Grand Basilica of St. Gheinok, which stands in the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad and is regarded the “mother church” of the Amarr Imperial Rite, is said to have been constructed atop this ancient church. The celebrations on this historic day will go through August 12th, and there will be lots for Capsuleers to do!” Skins, 25K skillpoints for omega players, a warp speed increase in Amarr space, proving grounds activities, and more will be available to those that log in during the next week.

Meanwhile, NetEase and CCP are commemorating one year since the debut of EVE Echoes on mobile; the anniversary upgrade is available in the game as of today. “The CONCORD is dedicated to welcome more capsuleers into New Eden in the second part of the year, therefore they have begun a new Training Tutorial,” NetEase says. “The CONCORD will provide a more thorough pilot training curriculum to new pilots who join New Eden.” New faction wargames will be available, as well as a new training tutorial, data and relic site finding systems, a celebration pass, and server-wide prizes.


The Amarr Foundation is a corporation within the game EVE Online that produces a variety of in-game resources for players to use. These resources are used to purchase and sell items from a store in the Amarr system, and are intended for use by players who cannot access the game to buy resources from a player-run market. The in-game currency for the Amarr Foundation is called skillpoints. All players of EVE Online start with a base amount of skillpoints, and they can purchase additional skillpoints in a number of ways. The most common way to obtain skillpoints is to purchase them from the Amarr Foundation store.. Read more about eve online industry guide 2021 and let us know what you think.

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