F1 2021 Xbox Game Pass – What We Know About It Coming to

We know a lot about the Game Pass for Xbox One, but what do we know about the Xbox version of the service? The good news is that Game Pass will work wherever you have an Xbox One console, so you won’t need to be connected to Xbox Live to take full advantage of the service.  We’ve also gotten a few details on what’s coming to the service, including the addition of the F1 2021 game, which will be a new title every month.

The F1 2021 Xbox Game Pass, which will be available on the Xbox One starting with the release of F1 2021, will include 150 of the most popular, immersive and authentic F1 gaming experiences over the course of the season.

F1 2021 continues Codemaster’s tradition of yearly releases that bring the popular motorsport to gamers’ screens. Whether you’re interested in its story mode, want to jump straight into racing, or remain on the fence about purchasing the game, an Xbox Game Pass version would offer a cheaper avenue to try it out and see for yourself if it’s a step up from last year’s release.

F1 2021 arriving on Xbox Game Pass and its PC counterpart would also bolster Microsoft’s subscription service with yet another major title. Here’s what we know about whether or not that might happen this year.

At launch, F1 2021 will not be available on Xbox Game Pass. Players looking to try it will have to go with the traditional full purchase. The chances of it directly coming to the subscription service later in the year also look relatively slim.

Since Codemasters was acquired by Electronic Arts, the publisher has confirmed that it is working on bringing the title to EA Play and EA Play Pro. Unfortunately, there’s no timeframe for when this might come to pass.

It’s worth keeping in mind that anyone who subscribes to Xbox Game Pass and its PC version gets access to EA Play, the base version of Electronic Arts’ subscription service.

By extension, whenever F1 2021 becomes part of its list of games, it will also be playable through Microsoft’s service, even if not quite as directly as some players might like.

That, however, may take a while, as F1 2021 will likely be first made available on EA Play Pro, which isn’t included with Xbox Game Pass. We’ll update this article as soon as we learn more about the matter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will F1 2021 game have new tracks?

Yes, the game will have new tracks.

Is F1 2021 cross platform?

Yes, F1 2021 will be cross platform.

When can you pre order F1 2021?

F1 2021 is available to pre order now.

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