Fortnite Has Released One of the Biggest Updates to Date for Season 7

Finally, Superman will compete with Rick Sanchez! Who do you think is stronger?

One of the most popular video games of today (both for playing and online betting at bookmakers putting the newest payment methods at the disposal to punters and being rated accordingly – such as Zimpler betting sites, Sofort betting sites, etc.), Fortnite, has got a new season (Part 2, Season 7) called Invasion. As you can figure out from the title, the aliens have invaded the island where this Battle-Royale video game takes place, and very well-known characters will be in charge of the complete science fiction experience.

Operating alien aircraft, but only after they previously hack them, is enabled to players. There is also new weaponry (e.g. the Rail Gun), which can pierce solid structures like buildings with its shots. Season 7 added RPG features, allowing players to recreate famous weapons using screws and nuts that had previously been removed from the game.

Famous Characters From Other Franchises, Virtual Influencers…

Famous characters from other franchises will feature in this season, as is customary with new seasons in general. Remember that in March, it was announced that the famous football player Neymar will come under the auspices of EPIC Games stars, under which there are already Street Fighters, Kratos from the God of War series, and, as an icing cake, a favorite of many gamers – Lara Croft.

Season 7 added RPG features, allowing players to recreate famous weapons using screws and nuts that had previously been removed from the game.

Players will be able to gain cosmetics that transform them into Superman, Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty), an extraterrestrial named Kymera (who has over 1,000 faces), double spy Joey, and a hefty battle droid in Season 7. However, the most intriguing visitor in the new Fortnite plugin is a virtual influencer with over a million Instagram followers – it’s a form of digital bunny known as Guggimon.

A little digression… The appearance of virtual influencers on the Internet is skyrocketing nowadays. Just see the example of FN Meka. It is the first robot rapper to release his songs and who very quickly gained great popularity on the social network TikTok where he is followed by more than 9 million people. When he is not rapping, FN Meka is a virtual influencer.

Epic Saved Visual Improvements for PCs While Battling Against Apple

If you play Fortnite on PCs, then you will be delighted by the fact that Epic has saved a number of visual improvements to make the PC version look like a next-generation title, which is largely the case with the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles – PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

We remind you that Epic has entered a big court battle against the giant Apple. Namely, Epic sued Apple for the way it runs its App Store in the sense that it holds a monopoly in its store and charges large fees for games like Fortnite, which is owned by Epic Games. Apple charges 30 % of each transaction in the game. Epic, therefore, created a system that bypasses the fee paid by the App Store, so Apple blocked the game on its store. Epic then filed a lawsuit, and Apple filed a counterclaim for Epic violating the deal. The trial began on May 3.

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