Genfanad is a browser-based ‘nostalgic’ MMORPG that also seeks to shake up RPG tropes

Japan is a country known for its anime and videogames, and the two have a rich history of collaborating, often to great effect. Case in point, anime-styled MMORPGs. In recent years, the genre has expanded to place an emphasis on story, but its roots have changed little, and have remained largely centered around combat. However, even within Japan, the genre has seen a shift, most notably thanks to Genfanad.

We’ve all played RPG’s, MMORPG’s, or any other type of multiplayer games. Most of us have even done so a few times in our lives. In fact, the genre has become quite popular, with around 10% of the US population playing some form of multiplayer game.

Go to the site’s home page and click on the banner to download the game. It takes you to a download page, where you have to accept the terms and conditions. Once you do this, you’ll begin as the default hero (such as a wizard, ranger, paladin, or rogue), and explore the game world.


When I read about the old-school browser-based MMORPG Genfanad, it reminds me of another MMORPG that attempts to emulate the classics while adding its own funny and unique twists. Take a look at this excerpt from the game’s information page to see whether you agree:

“Genfanad is a nostalgic browser-based MMORPG from developer Rose-Tinted Games, which is inspired by the early 2000s’ greats. Create a character and set out on a journey across a large, open fantasy world filled with missions, resources to collect, and monsters to battle. Traditional RPG clichés are turned on their heads in the universe of Genfanad: “banter with demon stockbrokers, converse with erudite undead, and, of course, kill humble chickens.”

Genafad offers a huge sandbox world with woods, deserts, dungeons, and caves full of attractive and hilarious missions, as well as PvP and PvE combat with melee, ranged, and magic abilities, with 16 already present in the game’s current version. The game includes a number of videos that show off its instructional zone and general feature set, while the website offers further information and connections to social media, a Discord server, and a Kickstarter page that will go live in September.


A couple of years ago, I played a game called ArcheAge. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, as it barely made it past the alpha stage, but the game’s premise was that you were a giant monster slayer who had to kill one of a wide variety of monsters to get enough points to go up a level. I liked the game, but it was still in closed beta, so perhaps it’s fortunate that I didn’t pay for the game when it launched, because now it’s not available.. Read more about emulation 2020 and let us know what you think.

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