Guild Wars 2’s One Path Ends is free for all players this week as game perks hit Amazon Prime Gaming

Author: Taylor This year’s ‘One Path Ends’ update for Guild Wars 2 finally comes to a close with the launch of the official guild storylines that begin with ‘The Sunspear’ and conclude with ‘The Order of the Sunspears,’ all of which are now available to play for free on Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime. Players who have already completed the first three chapters of the story will find that the last chapter, ‘The Order of the Sunspears,’ is now free for all players to enjoy.

Guild Wars 2 is free this week for all Amazon Prime customers, and the non-game content being offered doesn’t stop with the base game. The free Amazon Prime benefits are Guild Wars 2’s special item packs. Each pack will cost you $4.99 on their own, and they contain unique weapon skins and armor sets.


While everyone is talking about End of Dragons, Guild Wars 2 has a lot going on right now that doesn’t need you to wait until February. For starters, One Path Ends is this week’s freebie episode; it was initially published in 2017 as the season six capstone episode, leading into Path of Fire. For the following week, all gamers, including F2P players, may watch the episode for free.

“Play Guild Wars 2 between August 3 and August 9 to get a free copy of this week’s featured episode! Look for a letter with a narrative unlock token in your in-game mailbox. The unlocked episode may be found in your narrative diary tab, which is accessible on the Hero panel, under Living World Season 3. You don’t need the tokens if you’ve already unlocked the episodes; you’re set to go!”

For those keeping score at home, the first of four beta events will begin on August 17th, followed by the resumption of Living World Season 4 on August 24th.

ArenaNet has recently announced that it has joined the Prime Gaming team, providing Amazon Prime Gaming customers free in-game boosters. An item booster, experience booster, karma booster, 10-slot bag, and minipet are included in the current bundle.


Finally, composer Maclaine Diemer revealed last night on Twitter that the last piece of music for End of Dragons had been finished.

“I’m extremely weary, and there’s still a lot of work to be done,” Diemer wrote, “but the difficult part is gone, and I’m finishing on a high note.” “I can’t wait for fans to hear this one!” says the artist. There’s a large team working on this music, which I’ll acknowledge and thank when the time comes (game companies LOVE to keep secrets), but I’m expressing my appreciation to them all now. It’s taken more time and effort than any previous OST for the game, which is saying a lot.”


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