Heidel Ball 2021: Black Desert announces summer season server, shows off new Corsair class

The summer season for Black Desert Online is finally here! This means that the servers will be running and all avatars will be able to play together.

Also known as “Heidel Ball”, the Heidel server dates back to the first closed beta of Black Desert Online. The Heidel server was one of the most popular servers on the game, and it received its own dedicated development team called the Heidelball Team. The Heidelball Team, however, was disbanded in October 2018.

word-image-11730 This morning, Black Desert held its digital Heidel Ball event, which was filled to the brim with announcements and reveals. At the top of the list is the new Corsair class, which will be launched on June 29 and published from the 23rd. The month of June can be provisionally fixed. Like the other BDOclasses, this one has a story trailer and a fight trailer, both attached below. On June 23, players can also create their character for the summer season server, which will also launch on the 29th. The month of June will be open. A number of rewards are available to participants in the Corsair pre-creation and the Seasonal Server pre-creation. Speaking of free gifts: Players enrolling between the ages of 20. June and 4. In August, log in and receive the Fiery Moon tail, which can be redeemed for materials that guarantee the PEN V accessory. Other content announcements made during the event included:

  • Terror of the Deep Sea single player content on the 26th. August.
  • New red battlefield maps in the form of the northern plains of Serendia on August 19 and the capital of Valencia in September or October.
  • In September, there will be a trade change allowing players to work in or lead a merchant guild.
  • A three-week reboot of old game classes. Starting in mid-October, 17 classes will receive updated skill effects, hits, and unique features.
  • And finally, a story redesign that forces you to press the R key less to skip dialogues.

There have been other updates as well, so be sure to check out the recap at the link above, and if you want, you can watch the full show below.



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