Here’s over an hour of footage from mobile MMO Re: Tree of Savior’s Japanese beta

Re: Tree of Savior is a mobile MMO currently in beta. It is currently in Japanese, and English language support is coming soon. In anticipation of when English will become available, the following video is an in-game demo of the current beta. This is both to show you the current state of the game and to prepare you for when the English version comes out.

Re: Tree of Savior is a Japanese mobile MMO that’s been in the works for a long time. It’s coming out soon, but to get a feel for it before that you can always watch the Re:Tree of Savior Japanese beta. The game offers a variety of different jobs, including the classic Warrior, Priest, and Rogue classes.

It’s been a while since Tree of Savior has been in the news, but we’re bringing this game back into the spotlight with the upcoming mobile port of the game under the odd name Re:. Redeemer tree.

We first heard about this MMO in October 2016, and the following year publisher Nexon hedged its bet on the game by investing in developer IMC Games, but things stayed pretty quiet until a month ago, when the developers announced that a Japanese beta test would begin on June 4. June. As for the game itself, it wouldn’t differ much from its PC counterpart except for the addition of Fellows, extra party members acquired through the Gacha system.

So, if Re: Redeemer’s Tree playing now? From MMO Culture’s first impressions, it’s not impressive:

Some mobile games first introduced players to high-level material or PVP, which motivated them to train and progress. In the first class I expected to learn 3 or 4 functions and be overwhelmed, but that didn’t happen. Will players see something different when Nexon introduces a global server?

You can watch over an hour of video from the game’s Japanese beta in the embedded video below and judge for yourself.


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