How to Choose Smartphones for College Students In 2022

Students need a smartphone these days, and they are no longer a luxury but a necessity. The need for a smartphone for school and college has especially increased after the pandemic because many students are taking online lessons and are completing their assignments online. Writing my papers for students is a service that provides assistance to students who are struggling to find time or technology to write their papers.

Studying has become difficult without mobile phones. So, you should consider having one. Here are some smartphones that a student can get.

Samsung Galaxy S20

The best flagship phone available on the market these days is the Galaxy S20 series by Samsung. Two phones are available in this series S20 and S20 plus. The specifications of the phone are high end including the larger display size. 

The refresh rate of the display is 120 Hz, so it is one of its most outstanding features and making it to the top of the list for some of the best smartphones for college students in 2022. The phone also has the best cameras available in the market, which is helpful for many types of photography.

One Plus 8 Pro

The smartphone market has currently seen a huge demand for the One Plus phones. The best part about the One Plus phones is that they offer their users high-end features at an affordable price which is great for students in college doing part-time jobs. 

One Plus 8 Pro is one of its newest handsets. Similar to the Galaxy S20 the refresh rate of the screen is 120 Hz with a liquid display. The user interface is easy to use which makes it one of the best choices for a college student.

iPhone 11 Pro

We all know about Apple; their phones have been very popular since they started out in 2007. While some people may argue that they have expensive phones with standard features, iPhone users love the features Apple offers. 

The iPhone can be the best choice for students as it has a simple UI that does not have any pop-ups or advertisements. The latest phones released by the smartphone giant are the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11Pro Max. The features include a spectacular camera and an outstanding display.

Note 20 Ultra

For creative people, the Note series always has something interesting. The flagship phone that Samsung offers is the Note 20 Ultra. While the device has an amazing display and a good processor, these are not the only features it has to offer.

 The additional feature that makes it unique is the digital camera that comes with the ability to zoom in 50 times. Another outstanding feature it offers is the updated S Pen stylus, which offers you an immersive experience when you use your phone.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10

One of the characteristics of Xiaomi is that it offers phones at half price than the usual market rates while offering the latest flagship features in their phones. Similar is the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. For college students who are looking to cut costs on the phone, this is a great option. Apart from phones, you can also look for free essays websites while completing college assignments. They offer writing services to college students to help them with college work and essays. 

The display is huge and also has a fingerprint sensor. It also has a 108MP shooter which you do not get to see on phones often. However, some may find the processor a little slow. To get the flagship features at a reasonable price, here is a very good option for college students. So, go check it out.

Google Pixel 4XL

While it has been a while that Google has been a part of the smartphone industry, it has come out with a fabulous phone, especially for college students. The company has made a comeback with the Pixel 4XL. 

If you are a photography enthusiast then you can find one of the best cameras on the device. The 90 Hz display is good for everyday use.


Having a smartphone is essential in college, especially in this era where technology has a major influence on our life. Many students are looking for cost-effective options with spectacular features. This article mentions some of them, and you can find many more with a little research.

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