How to Deal with Digital Distractions While Working Online

Online working has rapidly become the current norm and has made working remotely possible from anywhere. However, just as technology helps us save valuable time, we are found spending time on apps and websites that hinder work, especially when we are also working on the internet. 

Many workers have been looking for ways to reduce distractions on the digital platform. Fortunately, there are a couple of things you could do to work better and with fewer distractions. 

Keep the system in check

Your laptop or computer device must be in great shape to keep any distractions away. Many times, a faulty device can disrupt work and take hours to fix. Among many tech issues, your MacBook fan running loud might prove to be a big problem, and it really takes away your focus at work. Fix it before work starts to enjoy a distraction-free and highly productive day. Keep your system in the best shape to increase their lives and keep such problems from becoming a distraction. 

Track your usage 

The first and foremost tip would be to make sense of the time you have been spending on the apps and websites that you do not need for work. You can go to application settings and see the time spent on each of the social media and gaming apps on your laptop and mobile device once you look at the statistics. You will know the app/website that consumes most of your time during the day. 

Set a schedule

Create a schedule for online working and stick to it. Seemingly an obvious step or tip, this one actually will help you avoid your distractions. Include the number of hours you plan to stay away or log out from the websites and apps that consume your time and give no credible output. Be strict with the new schedule and do not open any social media platforms, no matter how many notifications or messages you receive. 

Set trackers on your device

If you have created a schedule and still find yourself on the platforms, you were trying to avoid, and you may need more help. Technology allows you to manage your usage, and you can make the best use of it by blocking or restricting the app/website usage for a particular time every day. 

Start with blocking these platforms for a few hours during the day. Stick to the plan for at least a few weeks, and with time you will get accustomed to not peeping into these channels as you work. Once you have cultivated this habit, you can remove the time blockers and enjoy working in silence and control. 

Take breaks 

Only work and no play will make you feel dull throughout the day. Therefore, encourage yourself and people working around you to take short yet meaningful breaks. Now, these breaks do not mean spending time on your screen again. 

Take a short walk, or stretch or even go grab a snack on your break. You can listen to your favorite music, podcast, or even watch your favorite video. Remember to keep your break brief, as that will not only help you stay creatively recharged but also allow you to feel relaxed through your working day. 

Create a blackout time

The constant emails, messages, and work notifications are also a distraction when working on a document that demons your complete attention. Do not worry, and put your device on silent mode, or leave the email notifications to be read for later. 

Focus on your document or any piece of work that does not need any distraction. You can plan your day when it begins and even prompts your colleagues that you will respond late as the day demands your attention to completing a project or whatever it may be.

Use one tab

Make use of one tab while working online. Do not open multiple tabs as they are a distraction. Often, we keep multiple tabs and windows open, and without even realizing it, we are jumping from one place to another, only wasting time and adding hours to our working day. 

When working online, keep one tab open and only skip or close it once you have completed your task. If you are browsing or researching, play soft music and stick to websites giving you the information. Control yourself before you hop onto websites that are for your recreation. 

Use tools you need

Crowding your system with applications or features you may not need is also a distraction. The constant reminders and notifications that you don’t need to see are a distraction for work. To streamline this, download only those applications or platforms that you need for work. 

For example, keep Instagram or Facebook on your mobile device and avoid them on the desktop or open the desktop version. Use tools that allow you to work in peace and remove those that can become a distraction. Make it a point to clear your system every few weeks to keep you restricted to work. 


Working online is a great blessing, and we are the generation that can make anything possible using the internet. Use it to your best capacity, and remember to give work importance when it demands. Using social media and other platforms for entertainment is also important, just not when you are at work. 

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
On Chain Analysis Data Engineer. Lives in sunny Perth, Australia. Investing and writing about Crypto since 2014.

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