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Escape From Prison is a new game that allows the player to escape from a prison by using a variety of different methods. There are 2 game modes, one is the normal mode in which the character can only use what he can find in his cell and the other is the escape mode in which the player can use his phone to communicate with his friend and he can also buy some tools like a key to open cell doors, a screwdriver to open the door to the shower, a lighter to make a key.

In the past few years, the internet has evolved into a dangerous place. Without proper precautions, hackers could find your personal information and use it for their own malicious purposes. This can have a horrible impact on your life, especially if you are a business owner or a government employee. Here are some steps that can help you prevent hackers from stealing your identity and ruining your life.

As a life simulation game, Bitlifeis certainly not without a number of different careers to choose from. You could be an actor, a president, a professional athlete, etc. You can even dedicate yourself to a life of crime. Of course, if you commit a crime, you will serve your time, so we are here to teach you how to avoid jail in Bitlife.

How to escape from prison Bitlife

The basic mechanisms for learning how to escape from prison inBitlife are fairly straightforward. Each turn you can move a tile up, down, left or right and you have to avoid the guard without getting caught by him. The goalie can move two pieces per turn, but both moves must be in the same direction. Your task is to bypass them and reach the exit door, using the walls as cover.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, it is not possible to write an exact solution for every prison plan. For example, there are too many ‘s in away, and each map can be displayed in different orientations. The pool of cards from which they are drawn is constantly changing, so this list of solutions would almost certainly be immediately out of date if it listed all of them. In addition, you have nothing to fall back on if your card is not on the list. Instead, let’s look at some universal techniques that can be used to solve any puzzle.

The first thing you need to understand when trying to break out of prison is how the guards’ AI works, and it’s pretty simple. Imagine you are down and to the right of the guard. In this position, the directions areand, in which the guard can move, down and to the right. If you were up and to the left, it could only move up and to the left. His AI isn’t sophisticated enough to understand that he needs to go in a direction that takes him away from you, even if it’s good for him. If you move so that you’re directly to the left of the guard, he can move onlyto the left, even if that means entering a dead end, as another example. It’s simple: A guard will never make a move that puts him at a greater distance from you.

This guard’s not very bright. Consider the following installation:

If you were in this position, it was your turn and you moved left, where do you think the guard would go? Logically, it should move down two squares because it would be one tile away from you, but it is , not, which it will do. One stone is moved to the left to . Why? Becauseandhave moved to the left. If you are down and left of the guard and move down or left, the guard will always make the same move . This applies to all four diagonal directions and can be used to easily trap him. For example, if you move B. to the right in the bottom image, it is taken because it reflects your movement to the right.

So the trick is to lock the guard behind the walls. If you are in the same row as the guard, so to his right, but there is a wall to his right and immediately, the guard will not do anything until you move up or down. However, you can move left and right if you want. Why? Because again, the guard will only move in directions that bring him closer to you, but every move he makes will actually push him away. By maneuvering the guard into a corner or against a wall, you can win free shots without fear of him approaching you. If he is crouched in a corner, looking down and to the right, and you are also down and to the right, you can make as many movements down and to the right as you want and he will stop.

If you’re trying to think of escaping from prison, you’re focusing on the wrong goal. Your goal ofandshould be to be a shorter distance from the exit than the guard. If you have less movement, you can always make a B-line to the exit and beat him there. When you first emerge, see where the guard is in relation to you, then find a corner or wall that you know you can get around and get in safely. Find a tile somewhere on the board that you can reach by holding it captive, so you have fewer moves to make to the exit. Never forget that orientation cannot be neglected. It only moves in one direction per revolution. So, if it’s not twice as far, it doesn’t mean it will catch you running to the door.

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