How to Raise and Increase Education Rating in Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo is an interactive simulation game for the iPad. It is designed to be a fun and educational way to learn about the planet and its inhabitants. This game is not intended to be a serious simulation of the entire planet, but rather a fun way to learn about the different animals and ecosystems.

The Earth and Stars is a private “free to play” virtual planet zoo in which you can explore four unique planets and their unique ecosystems. You can manage your own “zoo”, grow and breed plants, and host shows, contests, and festivals. All of this occurs on the Planet Zoo website, where you can display your animals and collect DNA samples from your “zoos” to obtain unique and rare genetic traits.

Planet Zoo is an online educational game that teaches students the basics of science in a fun, casual way. In order to make the game more engaging, Planet Zoo team has added other features like online quizzes, a message board, and an online community.

Do you want to improve your education grade in Planet Zoo? Good! You’ve come to the correct spot because I’m going to teach you all you need to know about how to improve your visitors’ education and keep them satisfied.

Place educational things like as boards and speakers around your zoo to educate your visitors. These things should be placed near animal habitats so that your visitors may learn more about the creatures they are seeing and visiting.

There are several education heatmap overviews on Planet Zoo that you may use to enhance your zoo’s education grade. You may use Conservation Boards to educate your visitors on problems like as poaching in addition to educating them about each species.

To ensure that your visitors get the most out of their trip, you’ll need to choose the best location for your instructional objects. This implies you’ll have to cover all possible viewing angles without overlapping information (more on that later).

How to Locate Educational Resources in Planet Zoo

20210805092215_1-1024x429 how to find educational items in planet zoo menu

  1. From the menu at the bottom of your screen, choose the Facilities tab.
  2. From the pop-up menu, choose Media Devices and Education.
  3. Choose instructional goods such as an Educational Speaker or a Conservation Board.
  4. You must choose the Habitat Education Board Set ($40.00) from the options.
  5. It’s important not to mix them up with the Habitat Education Board Legs, since they’re simply the screen’s legs.

Planet Zoo has educational screens.

20210805093016_1-1024x429 habitat education board set in planet zoo

It is suggested that a Habitat Educational Board be placed at each visitor viewing site. This will guarantee that your zoo’s education rating rises since it will give your visitors with the necessary knowledge.

When you put a board near a habitat, it will pick up the animal that is now living in that habitat. As you can see in the picture above, my educational board has detected the presence of a Bengal Tiger in the nearby environment.

Note: If your environment has several animal species, you may choose from a drop-down list to see which ones are present. If you have several animals, it’s best to lay the boards out equally.

What Are the Benefits of Exhibit Education Boards?

Remember to do the same in Planet Zoo with your Exhibits. Exhibit Educational Boards may be placed next to your exhibits, powered and spaced out equally like the other boards.

Speakers in the field of education

20210805093102_1-1024x429 education speaker planet zoo radius

Educational Speakers are equally as essential as Educational Boards in terms of education. You may choose whatever animal you’d want the speakers to talk about, just like the boards.

You may also extend the range, but make sure it covers the area where your visitors will be standing. Guests will be dissatisfied if an instructional speaker is placed near the incorrect habitat or in a location other than the viewing area. This will not improve your zoo’s education grade.

20210805093135_1-1024x429 planet zoo educational speaker overlap

In Planet Zoo, paying attention to overlapping educational ranges is probably one of the most essential things to consider. Your visitors will get confused if you put two or more instructional speakers too near together, or if their ranges overlap, and your education grade will suffer.

Heatmap for Planet Zoo Education

To find any gaps where visitors aren’t benefitting from educational objects, go to the Education Heatmap in your Planet Zoo game. To do so, just click on the happy (or sad) face in the lower left corner of your screen. This will display all of the heatmaps available to you.

Select the education heatmap to see how you can raise your Zoo’s education ranking.

  • No electricity is being received in the color black. Your educational objects will need to be powered in order for your visitors to benefit from them.
  • Yellow: These instructional objects are either getting inaccurate or no animal information for the local environment.
  • Blue: These regions indicate how far your educational materials have traveled. If your visitors are unable to access these sections, they will not be able to improve your zoo’s education grade.

Animal Talks in Planet Zoo: How to Use Them

animal-talks-planet-zoo-1024x576 using animal talks in planet zoo to raise education

Frontier added Animal Talks to Planet Zoo as part of a free update. You may now employ Educators to provide instructional knowledge about animals and the impacts of conservation on the environment.

These animal lectures are intended to raise your zoo’s educational grade and improve visitor satisfaction.

  • Create an area where you can talk about animals.
  • Employ an Educator
  • Talks should be scheduled.
  • Keep an eye on your visitors when they arrive.

Planet Zoo is one of a new breed of live game streaming platforms that deliver interactive games to users via a webcam while simultaneously streaming gameplay to, YouTube, and other third party services. Previously, Planet Zoo has been known to host over 200,000 concurrent viewers, and it currently boasts a “3.9/5” rating on the site’s rating system.. Read more about planet zoo how to increase conservation rating and let us know what you think.

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You need to feed the animals.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you get a 5 star education rating on Planet Zoo?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You can get a 5 star education rating on Planet Zoo by completing all the tasks in the game and earning enough points to reach level 10.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you power the Education Board on Planet Zoo?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The Education Board is powered by solar panels.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you increase zoo rating on Planet Zoo?

You need to feed the animals.

How do you get a 5 star education rating on Planet Zoo?

You can get a 5 star education rating on Planet Zoo by completing all the tasks in the game and earning enough points to reach level 10.

How do you power the Education Board on Planet Zoo?

The Education Board is powered by solar panels.

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