Jedi have arrived to Star Wars Galaxies’ Empire in Flames rogue server

There are two types of Star Wars fans. The first is the original movies fans. The other is the prequel trilogy fans. I’m here for the original movies, and so are the majority of the people who are playing Star Wars Galaxies’ Empire in Flames. The only problem is, the Empire in Flames server is full of prequel trilogy fans…

Today marks the official launch of the official Star Wars: The Old Republic-based Empire in Flames rogue server. In case you are not aware, Empire in Flames is a massive Star Wars: The Old Republic-based player-versus-environment game that was created by a group of modders who wanted to create something unique for the Galaxy’s most popular MMORPG. You can check out the official site at if you would like to see what is happening within the game.

word-image-9727 We talk a lot about Star Wars Galaxies Legends and SWGemu here on MOP, and we even have a few… Call it a turbulent launch of SWG Restoration III, but there are plenty of other SWG emulators and rogue servers running in the galaxy. Today I want to talk about another game I’ve tried before, Empire in Flames, which I found to be an excellent role-playing game, with a hybrid skill/class system, strict player cities, lots of unique species, NGE-inspired ammo upgrades, a custom battle system, new instances, plans for Underworld and Mandalorian content, and a setting that (as the name implies) takes place after the destruction of the second Death Star (which means that many of the theme parks are not in the game). The concept of Empire in Flames was launched before the live servers closed, with a design suitable for role-playing, PvE, PvP and pilots. It all started with a question: What is your ideal server? He started a new occupational system, expanded with habitat and races, and dreamed of a galactic civil war in practice rather than in fantasy. In short, it’s the Star Wars game concept conceived by a small group of Starsider players who have been around a long time – players who were rogues, PvErs, PvPers, crafters, and pilots, none of whom fell into the trap of thinking that any of the major combat systems – pre-TC, TC, or NGE – were even close to perfect. MOP reader Gaius put the server back on my radar recently, when the developers began releasing new material and released a major update in May called Schisms of the Force. As the name suggests, it introduced a Jedi unlock system and Jedi content into the Emu game. The bad news is that someone already beat you to it by unlocking it after weeks of playing. And although holocrons are mentioned in the book, the entire Jedi system seems to have been rewritten around the alignment. Jedi on EiF is built as a different experience than any other – quests, meditation, travel, conversation, and only the occasional fight, rather than burning massive amounts of XP, the developers write. But some secrets need to be revealed – at least a little – to help new Jedi players understand their place in the universe. Source: FEI. Thanks, Guy! View

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