Kriss Reeve Teams Up With Joxion for a Bass House Spin on Martin Mix’s Song, “Spinning”

Meet Kriss Reeve, the talented producer and DJ taking the music world by storm. Born as Robbert Vellekoop, Kriss Reeve is a household name in the bass house, and future house genre, blending groovy beats with underground house sounds and unforgettable vocals. With over six million streams on Spotify and support from big names like Don Diablo, Tiesto, and Hardwell, Kriss Reeve has solidified his place as a rising star in the dance music industry.

But Kriss Reeve’s journey to the top wasn’t always easy. Despite working with some big names in the industry, he struggled to find confidence in his own music production, “I was insecure about my music," he admits. & I was confident with the songs I made for others but not for myself” But Kriss Reeve didn’t let that hold him back. Instead, he started studying the mental aspect of creating art and eventually found the courage to put himself and his music out there, changing his name to Kriss Reeve and releasing his own tracks. With each positive response, his confidence grew, and he now loves sharing his music with the world.

Kriss Reeve’s live shows are a testament to his versatility as a performer. He loves to keep the crowd on their feet with surprising drops and catchy vocals while singing along and interacting with fans. And when Kriss Reeve is not performing or in the studio, you can find him drinking iced tea or playing basketball.

Kriss Reeve is now ready to take on the world with a new release with Joxion on Storm Recordings. The track is a remix of Martin Mix’s song, “Spinning”;, and is a bass house spin on the original. The catchy vocals, melodic break, and hard-hitting bass house drop will get audiences pumped up.

Kriss Reeve’s biggest dream is to sell out Madison Square Garden with a solo show. After that, he wants to share his passion for music and tour the world, playing on the biggest stages, such as Tomorrowland, EDC, Coachella, and Ultra Music Festival. But for now, Kriss Reeve’s focus is on making music and having fun. He wants to stay true to that little kid who was so proud of his first beat and always encourages others not to overthink it and just have fun with their art.

Kriss Reeve’s collaboration with Joxion on Martin Mix’s, “Spinning”, is a prime example of Kriss’s impact on the world of bass house music. With his unique sound and innovative approach, he is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after artists in the genre.

His ability to infuse bass house elements with other music styles has made his music stand out in the crowded landscape of electronic dance music. Kriss’s passion for music and dedication to pushing the boundaries of the bass house makes him a true game-changer in the industry.

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