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As Xerath’s latest skin is launched, we look at the worst and best-looking skins for the Xerath considering this is a character that was in a similar state of un-upgraded-ness as well as a character that is known for its ability to “surprise” and “amaze” the public in the same way it did in release.

I have been playing League of Legends for almost four years now, and in that time I have played a lot of champions. I have played hundreds of games with Xerath in all roles, and I have to say, he is one of my favorites to play. He is one of the best champions when it comes to pushing, ganking, and counter-ganking.

Xerath is a master of the arcane arts, able to manipulate the arcane forces of nature to great effect. His ferocity and raw power makes him a force to be reckoned with, and he can use his spells to turn the tide of battle.

Few have sought power with the same zeal as Xerath. Xerath is described as a slave born into the Shurima empire, childhood closest friends with the revived emperor Azir, and the final architect of Shurima’s collapse, yet none of these titles come close to the Unbound Magus Ascendant.

Xerath has transcended the mortal coil to become an arcane entity of pure energy, having abandoned his human form an eternity ago. Xerath wants to use his ever-growing power to remake the world as its new deity, free of the constraints of flesh and the suppression sarcophagus that enslaved him.

Keeping these characteristics in mind, we’ll rate all of Xerath’s skins from worst to greatest. Each skin will be judged on how effectively it communicates his theme as an unfettered creature of pure energy, how much it alters his powers, and, of course, how attractive it is.

Let’s get this party started.


Xerath’s Battlecast

Battlecast Splash Riot Games is a video game publisher.

Unique SFX: Yes – Minor | Chroma: No | Released: October 2011 | Cost: 520 RP | Unique SFX: Yes – Minor

While the rest of the Battlecast skins are very good, turning most champions into huge mechanical monstrosities that seem like they belong in a Godzilla film, the one for Xerath is extremely… underwhelming. It’s obvious that this was one of Riot’s first forays into the Battlecast series, and it shows. We give it some leeway since the skin was released in 2011.

Battlecast Xerath Riot Games courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

His armor is updated with more mechanized parts, his powers are given a minor mechanical sound effect, and the color of his energy is changed to red. Overall, it’s not a bad skin, but for a Battlecast skin, it’s a letdown, landing it at the bottom of our list.


Xerath in its purest form

Classic Splash Riot Games is a video game publisher.

SFX: No | Chroma: No | Released: October 2011 | Price: 4800 Blue Essence or 880 RP | Unique SFX: No

While Xerath’s makeup hasn’t changed much since the major texture update for most champions in September 2014, his iconic skin still sets the tone for what to anticipate from the champion. He was brimming with pure magical energy, taking on a shape that resembled the coffin in which he had been imprisoned, and was unfettered by gravity itself (aka. Floating).

Classic Xerath Riot Games courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Each of your spells should have a shocking effect, since you are the personification of magical artillery. Each strike should feel like focused mana ripping through your foes and raining destruction from the skies.

In most games, mana is usually blue, and Classic Xerath is extremely blue.


Xerath, the Runeborn

Runeborn Splash Riot Games is a video game publisher.

Released in October 2011 for 750RP | No unique SFX | No chroma

Despite the lack of special effects and the fact that it is a fairly basic skin, we appreciate the Runeborn skin because it successfully conveys a feeling of ancient magic. Xerath looks the part of old runes rising up and creating a magical monster, with a worn stone appearance and vines crawling through his armor.

Runeborn Xerath Riot Games courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

The hue change to green emphasizes the druidic link to runic magic and gives the impression that Xerath has been reawakened from an old burial place in the woods.


Xerath’s Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth Splash Riot Games is a video game publisher.

Unique SFX: Yes – Moderate | Chroma: No | Released: July 2012 | Cost: 1350 RP | Unique SFX: Yes – Moderate | Chroma: No

The Scorched Earth skin transforms Xerath into a furious molten creature whose reign has been disrupted, straight out of a dungeon buried beneath a volcano. All of Xerath’s powers have a flaming affect while magma is actively flowing through him, and they leave lava craters in their wake.

Scorched Xerath Riot Games courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

It’s most noticeable in his Q, when the lava coalesces and accumulates into a massive flaming ball while the ability is charged. When you unleash Xerath’s ultimate, he creates a flaming ring around himself, burning away his enemies. 


Xerath, Guardian of the Sands

Guardian of the Sands Splash Riot Games is a video game publisher.

Unique SFX: Yes – Moderate | Chroma: No | Released: April 2015 | Cost: 1350 RP | Unique SFX: Yes – Moderate | Chroma: No

This is how we think Xerath would have looked if he hadn’t betrayed Azir and Shurima. He would have been acclaimed as a Guardian of the Sands if he had followed the right route to Ascension, wearing the best golden armor and royal purple fabric.

Guardian Xerath Riot Games courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Xerath possesses the power of the sun, thanks to the Ascension, which has enhanced his powers. Before he releases his charged powers and orbs, they resemble small golden suns that steadily increase in size. The adversaries of Shurima will be afraid of the Ascended Magus, who will be followed by the golden winds of Shurima.


Xerath’s Arcana

Arcana Splash Riot Games is a video game publisher.

Unique SFX: Yes – Major | Chroma: Yes | Released: May 2021 | Cost: 1350 RP (8 in total)

This skin is the most recent to be published for Xerath, and it differs significantly from all of his other looks in that Xerath maintains his human physique! Instead of being a pure-energy monster, he has given his human body a crimson color and used his immense magical power to bind armor to him.

More significantly, new special effects have been added to all of his powers. Xerath summons portals engraved with an eye symbol to perform his powers from, a reference to the Eye of Horus from real-life Egyptian mythology. In addition, as he ults and charges up his Q, the four-point star appears prominently in his abilities, appearing as the center of his body.

Arcana Xerath Riot Games courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

The whole skin does an excellent job of demonstrating Xerath’s arcane mastery. However, seeing Xerath as a human seems strange, and his model is a little chunkier than normal. Furthermore, for a skin this complicated, the red mist that rises around him when he ults seems very simple, putting it as the second greatest Xerath skin.


Xerath, the Dark Star

Dark Star Splash Riot Games is a video game publisher.

SFX: Yes – Major | Chroma: Yes | Released: March 2020 | Cost: 1350 RP | Unique SFX: Yes – Major (6 in total)

The Dark Star skin is without a doubt the greatest Xerath skin on our list. This skin does a fantastic job of keeping Xerath’s concept of pure energy and ever-increasing danger while yet retaining a cosmic vibe.

Xerath’s skills are all boosted by cosmic sounds and feel as though the nebula of space itself is ripped apart when he casts since he has a black hole at his center. He even uses his W to create a planet under his target before destroying it with a blast of dark matter energy!

DarkStar Xerath Riot Games courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

His powers have created spheres that resemble black holes and dying stars that are being sent forth to consume the light of anyone who stand in his way. All of this culminates in his ult, in which the expanse of space expands around him as he turns his opponent into cosmic space dust.



That concludes our selection of the greatest Xerath skins. Do you have any opinions about our rating that you’d like to offer, or do you disagree with it? Then join our mailing list and leave a remark below! Maintain your competitive edge with the newest guides and articles from High Ground Gaming.

Having recently risen in the ranks of the League of Legends community, Xerath has been a hot topic lately, with some praising him for his unique style and others questioning his effectiveness on the rift. So, which Xerath skin is the best? To help answer this question, I’ve ranked them all, from the worst to the best.. Read more about arcana xerath skins and let us know what you think.

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