Legends of Aria dev Citadel Studios will publish CODEX, a ‘seasonal shared world adventure’ MMO

In this world, there is a game called CODEX. In this game, there are many players who join forces to fight for a common cause. This game is called CODEX. This game is a MMORPG. This game is multiplayer. And in the multiplayer, there are many roles. There are many jobs. There are many classes. There is a story. But there is also, a vast, uncharted, and hidden network, called the Legends of Aria network.

This week, the developers of Legends of Aria, Citadel Studios, announced that they are working on a new MMO named CODEX as a response to the huge success of the “E3: Legends of Aria” MMO at E3 this year. The game will be free to play and will include a lot of features that you wouldn’t find in a typical MMO, like seasonal content, a focus on cooperative play, and a wide variety of solo content for players to work towards.

It has been a long time coming, but at long last, the Legends of Aria dev Citadel Studios is publishing its inaugural title: CODEX. While it’s true that CODEX is a AAA MMO, the team has taken a very different approach from other MMOs in that it is intended as a “seasonal shared world adventure” that will be released in chunks (each season) over the course of multiple years.

It looks like Citadel Studios, the developers of the sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria, will have something to say about the new game. Readers will recall that the studio announced a Viking survival-themed multiplayer role-playing game called The End, and it has been revealed that is entering the publisher market with the announcement of CODEX.

CODEX from developer Corp Por, which licensed Citadel Studios’ Shards engine to develop its game in 2020 (Corp Por, in case anyone is wondering, is the old Ultima Online power word for the Energy Lightning spell popular with PvP and PvE players). As for the game itself, CODEX is described as a seasonal adventure in a shared world with massive multiplayer adventures, each taking place in a limited time period. In each adventure, players can develop multiple classes, explore shaped lands that promise hundreds of quests, and participate in a player-driven economy. Although each adventure lasts a certain amount of time, characters can earn and keep rewards and cosmetics specific to a particular adventure. The adventure promises to be long enough to complete the objectives, but short enough so that players don’t have to wait to find out what happens next.

CODEX will release the prologue season of the game in the coming weeks. This is a development version that anyone can play up to level five. Further release dates and details about the launch are expected to be announced by Corp Por and Citadel Studios at a later date.

As for the Legends or Aria game itself, that hasn’t changed much in 2021. The game’s Twitter account has even been deleted, although Discord and the servers seem to be working fine, just quietly. The last major news from the developers came in March, when the studio indefinitely postponed the release of the next patch. Update: Citadel has contacted us to clarify that it has simply switched to its @Citadel_Studios account and will no longer use the @LegendsofAria account – even though the Twitter account is on the front page of the game’s website].

We’re releasing the game! Our first published game and the first game on the Shards Engine. We look forward to the release announcement and launch date. https://t.co/tCFxatcYTd

– Citadel Studios (@Citadel_Studios) 20. June 2021

ViewToday, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve closed a very unique and exciting deal. I’m happy to announce that the team at Citadel Studios have signed on to help us bring our vision to life. We will be working alongside them to help create the bedrock upon which we build CODEX, our first-ever MMO.. Read more about legends of aria forums and let us know what you think.

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