Life Beyond talks about positive co-op gaming, open development, and update phases in Q&A video

Video games have become a big part of our society and culture. We are a generation who grew up playing video games and we have become somewhat attached to them. After all, they are crafted with real skill and imagination and can be played in a collaborative environment, with friends and family.

The gaming community is always full of interesting people, and there always seems to be an interesting conversation to be had in it. From the New York Times’ “Hobbit” review to the recent question about multiplayer in the Starcraft II beta, it’s easy to see that the gaming community is still very much alive.

A question was asked in regards to game development, how do you approach an open development period? It was asked how to deal with the open development phase in case you have two teams working on the same features simultaneously? What do you do if one team is in alpha, but not open, and the other is in open and not ready for release? Or what if your beta is open and it’s been months and the game is still not ready for an update?


Darewise Entertainment, developers of the survival sandbox title Life Beyond, brought on the company’s Chief of Staff Nathan Martin to answer a few questions posed by players and share the answers in a Q&A video. Martin pulled three questions about the studio’s development ethos, the game’s open development, and some broad strokes future update plans.

According to Martin, a game like Life Beyond is being developed with the goal of assisting players in forming enduring bonds with one another via cooperative gaming. Readers may remember that Darewise’s co-founder and CEO previously discussed his interest in generating positive emotions.

According to Martin, open development has benefited the team since developers can quickly provide a minimal viable product to consumers, get feedback, and iterate. Martin recommends Discord as a particularly helpful communication tool.

Finally, Martin outlines the game’s update plans, which will be divided into three phases: Phase one will focus on polishing the gameplay experience throughout the rest of this year in order to get Life Beyond ready for open beta; phase two will be open beta, which is expected to begin in 2022 and will focus on platform development and adding new content; and phase three will be launch in 2023, with a focus on social features such as non-gaming integration, open API, and hosting.


This is life outside the games industry. PC gaming used to be a niche pastime for the wealth-poor who couldn’t afford consoles, but now it’s a part of mainstream culture for the entire family. But just because it’s mainstream doesn’t mean it’s cheap or easy. The truth is, PC gaming is hard! It’s a full-time job just keeping your machine running, and there’s a million and one other factors that can affect your performance.. Read more about gaming terms slang and let us know what you think.

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