Lost Ark reveals all of its ‘normalized’ founder packs and perks

Last week saw the release of the Early Access version of Lost Ark, Ark: Survival Evolved’s long-awaited sandbox MMO. The two-day Early Access period was a major success, with the game amassing over 200,000 concurrent players and in-game loot-boxes sold out completely, with players desperately requesting more cash.

Ark: Survival Evolved is a game that looks like it’s going to be big. Aside from massive success with the PC version, it has the reputation of being one of the most moddable games in recent times. And now they’ve done it again. They’re releasing the Founder’s Pack which adds a huge amount of content to the game, as well as a huge number of perks and bonuses.

A lot of people who are waiting for the Lost Ark to release over the next few months are wondering if they will have to pay extra for the Founder’s Pack. Well, according to a Steam post by the game’s developer Katalon Studio, the answer is no. The Founder’s Pack was designed to make sure that every player can start the game with enough resources to experience the first twenty levels of the game. The Founder’s Pack, which is available to anyone who wants to pre-order the game, includes an exclusive ship and a bundle of valuable resources.


This afternoon, Amazon and Smilegate published a comprehensive blog post on the forthcoming Lost Ark founder packs. Cats, too. Here, the cats are the center of attention.

While the game will be free-to-play when it debuts in the autumn, the founder packs are jam-packed with cosmetics, beta access, and headstart, implying that the businesses will earn a lot of money selling them regardless of whether the game is free-to-play or not. The studios also emphasize that the regional price exploit, which we discussed earlier this week, is one of the reasons for the new bronze bundle.

“Since the Founder’s Packs for Raiders of the Lost Ark have been available for purchase, we’ve noticed evidence of individuals using alt identities to take advantage of regional pricing. Unfortunately, since in-game money is included in the Platinum, Gold, and Silver Founder’s Packs, this conduct jeopardizes the game economy for everyone. This is detrimental to all players. To counteract this, we’ve reduced the price of the Founder’s Packs to a single worldwide pricing (converted into regional currencies). We recognize that some players reside in countries where regional pricing is significant, particularly for entry-level participation, therefore we are now providing a new Bronze Founder’s Pack to provide our players in all regions additional purchasing choices. In-game money is not included in the Bronze Founder’s Pack[.]”

So now there are four different packs, the lowest of which is $14.99 and includes headstart and beta, as well as a minipet, title, and a month of premium. For all of stuff, plus extra money, supply crates, character slots, cosmetic gear, mounts, and so on, the silver, gold, and platinum packs cost up to $99 each. For the highest tier, there’s even a train and a unique login screen. And, sure, the kitties are distributed to everyone.



The official release date of Lost Ark has been announced – that’s right, the anticipated 8-bit retro RPG is officially launching today! Lost Ark is developed by the studio behind the fantastic RPG The Banner Saga, and promises to deliver the best of old school console games for modern day gamers.. Read more about lost ark founders pack worth it and let us know what you think.

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