Master of Magic’s Reboot Keeps the Original Wizards and

Wizards of the Coast is relaunching a classic D&D roleplaying game series by bringing back the original core rulebooks. The new edition of the legendary game was released on September 3, 2015, with the core rulebook of the game. It is available for purchase on the Wizards of the Coast website. It is a must-read for any RPG fan.

Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) have been keeping a lot of secrets from the public about the upcoming “Master of Magic” reboot. Today WOTC relented and revealed a few details. Here are the main takeaways: 1. “Master of Magic” will be coming to most of the popular MTGO formats (2HG, EDH, Commander). 2. It will include the original rulebook and a new one with the new rules. 3. It will work more like a board game than traditional card game with players making moves on a board (not cards). 4. It will have a new campaign system that allows you to play and customize your own story. 5. It will have new classes and races. 6

The game is a remake of the original game and will feature similar gameplay and elements. The game will have a number of wizards of different races, magical abilities, and spells, some of which will be based on the original game.

Earlier in May, publisher Slitherine announced that classic 4X strategy game Master of Magic would be getting an “extremely faithful reboot,” developed by Polish studio MuHa Games. Bringing such a venerated title back into the spotlight is no small feat and the first developer diary details some of what’s staying the same and what’s changing.

With the reboot, the developer aims “to recreate the mechanics and gameplay of MoM as faithfully as we can, while also making an awesome game for new fans.” To that extent, all 14 of the original wizards are bound to make a comeback.

While they should be familiar to anyone who’s played the original, the studio notes in the first developer diary that the main characters’ art did receive “a strong makeover.”

Similarly, the Master of Magic reboot will bring back all of the the original champions, heroes, races, units, spells, skills, building types and traits – previously known as retorts. The intent is to start with recreating them but refreshing their art or tweaking them whenever balance requires it.

As you seize control of Arcanus and Myrror – both playable planes are also making a comeback – you’ll bump into familiar and possible new basic events, but will have the option of turning them off. You’ll also be able to “to distribute your power to go into research/casting skill/mana points,” summon Familiars, and transition from the strategy to the tactical map when heading into battle.

While a lot is staying the same in the Master of Magic reboot, dev diary 1 also points out a handful of things that are set to change. Hexes, for example, will replace squares, because “they made more sense in terms of gameplay.”

The passage of several decades hasn’t been too kind to the original’s AI, so it is being rebuilt from the ground up for the reboot. Here’s a list of other things that will change, as shared by the developer:

  • Complex difficulty settings (we want the game to be very customizable)
  • QOL improvements, so far we’ve added things like production ques; more MP; pathfinding that doesn’t split your group when some units have MP left and others don’t (pet hate of mine in original!); starting the game with a settler unit;
  • Auto combat function that will show you the range of outcomes possible and give you the option to either auto resolve, accepting these estimates, or resolve the fight manually;
  • Extensive modding tools
  • Tooltips
  • Fog of war

Another developer diary is set to share more insight into the game’s direction next month. Master of Magic is set to launch at some point next year and is headed to PC.

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